Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Table on Revised Pension of Pre 2016 Retirees wef 1-1-2016

Table on Revised Pension of Pre 2016 Retirees wef 1-1-2016 (Based on Chapter 10.1 & Pay Matrix as per 7th CPC Report) by NP Mohan President RSCWS-
pension table



  1. Tables issued by MOD for PBORs are incorrect . This should be as per pay revision by 6th CPC and any amendments issuef at late date should be included irrespective of any date. Kindly got the amendments to the tables rankwise immediately to avoid legal cases .

  2. These tables needs revision/amendments wef 1.1.2006 for all PBORs The revision of pension as per latest amendments by 6th CPC should be incorporated TILL ISSUE OF MOD letter as on 03 Sep 2015 and not as per 5th CPC notional last pay(maximum of 5th CPC scales)as mentioned in the letter ,which is incorrect leads to legal comlications

  3. Nothing for pbor all for officers only, please see the previous pay commission and other policy letters/circulars like 548 and 547.

  4. In the subject as per above our veterans had climbed at on water tank with some demand and soon creation of OROP. The subject had clearly take up 'DISABILITY PENSION SHOULD BE EQUAL TO ALL ALL RETIREES'' top to bottom Each and every rank holder personnel's ‘Due to Sickness and DISABILITY could not be separate/differed between officers & Jco /Ors .
    1-As per Earlier Matrix table of disability pension Rs 3510 to 27000 lower to Higher rank holder personnel. As per report of 5''th commission Rs 1550 had hiked been up to Rs 3510 only slightly more over 2 times Spite for officers had hiked been Rs 2600 to Rs 27000 only much more 2 times than another. So that anomalies & difference amount had found much more gap between Officers & jco/ jawan. Anybody may be Attention at on our logic and our valuable points of DISABILITY ELEMENT 'Why should differed/separate between top to bottom for each ranks.
    Any Rank holder have injured during operation while on duty/ or disability had prove been by Medical board in account of ''Attributable and Aggrieved during /by military service along with same value and % of Disability Element'' has provided to such officers & Soldiers' Why should separate disability amount pay to officers and other for JAWAN' Because Service Element and SERVICE Pension are already paying to all personnel's as per ''RANK WISE'' irrespective length of service. Hence Disability Element should not be allowed and variation as per Rank wise. In this connection a one request letter has already been sent to MoD/RM/PM for reconsideration a valuable and strong points on base of logic please. As per Recommendation of 7th CPC Disability Element ’’ has fixed as per current rate’ But our officers want now Much more equalized a Matrix of IAS and counterpart of Civil Central government. Hence must required Equalized’’ Disability Element’’ and Should be fixed ‘’ lump Sum’’ Amount for each and every Disabled Personnel’s.