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Happy New Year, India: May the Force be with Modi! - By Ashali Varma

December 30, 2015, 10:19 AM IST 

Rahul Gandhi has declared he is going to Europe for the New Year celebrations. Obviously he needs a rest from the high decibel and belligerent views he has expressed to keep the Indian Parliament from passing bills. It amazes me as well as Ramachandra Guha, whose article I read today, on why the senior Congressmen still think the Gandhi family who have lost their relevance are still the glue to keep the Congress together. To quote Guha ( Telegraph, December 26, 2015) he says of Rahul, “he has neither the brains, nor the heart, nor the physical stamina to be an effective political leader.”
This description of Rahul speaks volumes from a renowned historian who wrote books in admiration of Nehru. In the same article he wonders why senior Congress leaders kowtow to Sonia.
Like Guha, I am quite sure that most Indians are disgusted about how the Congress party and the left jeopardised every major bill that the Modi government tried to pass through parliament. The fact that there was no real impediment but just Sonia Gandhi and Rahul and their sycophants stopping the world’s largest democracy from passing bills that would ultimately affect 600 million poor from scaling up on the ladder of development, is clear for all to see. The fact that they used dubious reasons including intolerance; Lalit Modi’s friendship with ministers; the National Herald Case as vendetta politics; and just about anything they could get hold of, describes political parties that are so irrelevant that they will clutch at straws to stymie the BJP agenda for development.
I am actually quite amazed that the Congress Party managed to derail the BJP agenda when PM Modi came in with such a huge mandate and in actual fact has not made a single wrong move. He has made deals with our immediate neighbours that no party before bothered about; he has not just travelled as the PM to every major country in the world but also got major investments in India because of it. Uranium from Canada; bullet train technology and factories in Bihar which apart from the main investment will bring in another 51 billion dollars worth of business for small and medium sized industries. This could lead to millions of jobs in the next five years.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. The technical partnerships with the worlds leading companies will help to create jobs as well as make us self sufficient in defence and other critical areas. Surely the Make in India model will be a game changer for India.
Other big ticket items are Facebook and Google setting up not only bases here but also investing dollars in research and development. Actually every time Modi travels abroad he comes back with a sweet deal such as the air force jets from France to be eventually made in India.
The trouble is all the programs our PM initiates in India are criticised by his detractors and there are many such and that is why breaking news is always about Ghar Wapsi and other such incidents, that were always there but for some unfortunate reason is breaking news today. So you will never hear of all the major technical or defence breakthroughs that Modi has made with countries that are not only willing to do business with us but also ready to Make In India.
It saddens me that after a decade of decadence and despair we have actually been able to get our head above drowning in a morass of rapacious looting and yet our media and so called intellectuals have the audacity to question the mandate of the people and blow up incidents that were happening all the time but because of Modi and his party are now being played to the hilt. This is neither fair or justified.
In fact some of the speeches and language I have heard smacks of sedition and waylaying the mandate of voters by parties who have through decades shown how little they care for the electorate as in the case of the Communist party or the Congress. I would think they would at least start working in parliament to show they are not against bills that are critical for ease of doing business; economic growth and most importantly of all, jobs for millions of unemployed youth.
India in 2016 is at a critical crossroad and we as Indians must recognise this and not allow regional politics or the Congress party to derail development as they have derailed parliament.
I would urge every citizen to make a new year resolution to act and work for the good of India and to read the social media or talk to the common man to find out what they think of an almost irrelevant party being able to stop development just because an old court case where they ought to prove their innocence, is enough for them to stop work in parliament —every sentient being is asking how can the genuine court case has any connection with stopping the work of parliamentarians. Why should the common man and bills to help him be stopped by the Gandhi family who have always claimed to have benefited the poor.
Obviously, the communists that have destroyed West Bengal and the Congress that have put India back by several decades still feel that the more noise they make the more the voters will back them. But their way of governance has always been to give a loaf of bread instead of a career. This is the only reason that after 67 years, India still has 600 million people who go to sleep hungry; no jobs for the youth; not much development compared to any country east of us. Countries that started on a lower footing and now are way ahead such as China, South Korea, Taiwan just to name a few.
The Congress and the Communist party have become so irrelevant and desperate that they will resort to anything to keep India from progressing. They will manufacture dissent; say yoga should not be promoted; protest against Indians knowing more about their history apart from the Mughal and British Rule; make people believe India is being torn apart; criticise our PM for going to Lahore; or when it suits them say India must attempt a relationship with Pakistan. They will turn things around any which way to malign the BJP and convince the polity that their decade of decadence was really a kinder, gentler rule.
The trouble is nobody is buying it anymore but yet they persist as a dying man will clutch at any straws. The only people they are convincing are their hangers-on who suddenly feel they are no longer in the limelight. So they protest; the authors; the well oiled intellectuals who were patronised and any amount of left wing thinkers, economists and media persons who want a status quo. They hate change as it dislodges them and their views and they hate the thought of becoming irrelevant along with their masters. For their golden period of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours and we will walk hand in hand forever, has suddenly disappeared.
So on the eve of 2016, I urge my countrymen to not allow the naysayers and the detractors from hijacking Modi’s agenda for change. We must resolve to do all we can to help our Prime Minister in his endeavour to make India a better place for the poor, the jobless millions and for ourselves.
If need be, we who voted for change, must make the Congress know that we will not allow parliament to be stopped anymore– we will resort to whatever it takes to allow bills to be passed and if worst comes to worst we will shame those who stand in the way. This is the only way that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul, their hangers-on will realise the will of the people.
DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author's own.
(Source- TOI)

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