Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Meeting With FM - ESM sitrep 10 Aug evening

Date: Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 6:06 AM
Subject:  Meeting With FM - ESM sitrep 10 Aug evening

Dear Colleagues,

          When it was indicated that OROP was being blocked by the Finance Ministry, I had written to the Finance Minister on 6.6.2015 seeking a meeting. It materialised today, 10 August. A delegation comprising the following met him at 1800 Hours in his North Block office:

1.    Lt Gen Balbir Singh, President IESL
2.    Col HN Handa, President War Wounded Foundation
3.    Col BK Sharma, President RDOA
4.    Col Vijay Kumar, Treasurer RDOA
5.    PO Dhani Ram, NAVY, constituent of UFESM
6.    Sergeant VN Mishra, Gen Secy NEXCC
7.    Self 

Having highlighted our disappointment at the abnormal delay in implementing OROP, we requested him to let us know the present status. He explained in detail the overall picture. He fully accepted the concept of total service being one of the parameters. "If pension is a deferred wage, then it is obvious that longer service should give higher pension" he said. He did sound apprehensive about the demand of frequent increase in pension of old pensioners. It was explained that passing on of any future enhancement to old pensioners is related to the  increase in salaries which is presently happening only once a year and is not frequent. The Minister was  clearly told that any dilution of this part of the definition will not be acceptable. He understood our stand.
          The Minister further stated that the political decision to grant OROP is already taken and it WILL be given. On being asked to indicate a timeline, he said it should be days and not months.            

Best regards,

Lt Gen Raj Kadyan
Chairman IESM
262, Sector - 17A
Gurgaon - 122 001

(Source- via e-mail from - ESM Group (Colonel  N K Balakrishnan ( Retd )" SINHGARH",Pulleppady,
Chittoor Road,Kochi-682018 Phone- ( 0484) 2380987)


  1. Dear sir,

    It appears that award of OROP is in offing, because our concerted efforts of our ex army brothers, we come to understand that there is a speculation of implementing OROP within days. very good meet, consistent and continuous attempt will melt the stone now we achieved very happy news. I am the only ex army soldier who is having this internet, remaining all illiterate ex army numbering about 800, i am managing them

  2. Firstly Years, Secondly months and now days, start count upto April 2019.

  3. Mr jaitley is going to ruin this govt.he is a millionaire. He is really destitute of compassion and lacks in realization of pain and anguish of common man.orop will come but only after satyanash.

  4. Only days will be , how many days. it looks new cheating. Please do some big and 'Garow' to PM or President before 15 August. Thanks

  5. Fed up with jumlas! He has taken 3 months to give a date for a meeting.In their parleys hot priority means a year.