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Aug 06 2015 : The Times of India (Hyderabad)
OROP for HC judges: Govt okays amendments to Act

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday cleared the proposal to amend the High Court Judges Act removing anomalies in pensionary benefits of HC judges.

Once the Act is amended by Parliament, an HC judge elevated from the bar will have his 10 years of practice as advocate added to his service tenure for calculation of pensionary benefits. Finance minister Arun Jaitley called the report `onerank-one pensio nfor judges' as mischievous.It is only that 10 years deemed service will be added to those who are elevated from the Bar.Till now, a judge's pension has been based on the number of his service years, thus putting those elevated from the Bar at a disadvantage compared to those from the judicial service.

By moving the amendment, the government has also followed a SC judgment of last year which had asked the government to remove the anomalies. The apex court in its judgment had also said that to remove arbitrariness in the matter of pension of HC judges elevated from the Bar, the relief should be reckoned from April 1, 200The government will bring a bill in Parliament amending the law relating to high court judges salaries and conditions in service.

The Cabinet also cleared the amendments to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act. The arbitration bill, to be tabled in Parliament in the current session, is intended to signal the international business community that prolonged arbitration proceedings in India will soon become a thing of the past. One of the proposed amendment provides for settlement of cases within nine months, with very less intervention from courts. Another amendment proposes that the fee structure of the presiding arbitrator will be decided in the first sitting itself.

Aug 06 2015 : The Times of India (Hyderabad)
Parrikar to hold meeting on cantonment road blockade

Dattatreya And Others To Attend The Meet In Delhi Today
Defence minister Manohar Parrikar has convened a meeting in New Delhi on Thursday to address the vexatious issue of closure of roads in the Secunderabad Cantonment area to civilians. The long-drawn tussle be tween civilians and Army authorities over the blockade is expected to be resolved with the minister taking interest in the issue. The stakeholders including civil society members, representatives of the AOC (Army Ordnance Corps), members of the Secunderabad Cantonment Board, and lawmakers from Telangana are attending the meeting to be held at defence minister's office at the South Block. “We hope the meeting will help end the logjam over the road blockade. Parrikar is not only sympathetic to the civilians' woes, but he is determined to end the deadlock,“ said Ch Malla Reddy , TDP LS member from Malkajgiri.

Union minister of state for labour Bandaru Dattatreya, who represents Secunderabad, A P Jithender Reddy , TRS floor leader in the Lok Sabha, G Sayanna, MLA from Secunderabad (Cantonment), and BJP MLC N Ramachandra Rao are among others attending the meeting.
“We will convince him that the road blockade is in violation of defence ministry's orders issued in March this year and ask the Army authorities to lift the curbs,“ said B T Srinivasan, general secretary of United Federation of Resident Welfare Associations, who is representing the civil society. The civilians have been protesting the curbs placed on their use of the roads connecting Alwal and Yapral in 2013.

AS Negi, governing officer in command (GOC) of And hra Telangana Sub-Area Command, is taking part in the meeting on behalf of the Local Military Authority (LMA). Initially, civilian vehicles were not allowed on several roads from February 25 to March 9 between 10pm and 8am and, from March 10 private vehicles were completely banned on these stretches.

The Army decided to restrict traffic moving from SP RoadEast Marredpally towards Allahabad Gate (Entrancement Road), between Secunderabad Club, Picket West Marredpally towards Wellington Enclave (Wellington Road) and Safilguda junction towards Safilguda railway crossing (Ordnance Road) and Mornington Road.

Residents of areas like Gautham Nagar, Safilguda, Neredmet and Anandbagh are cut off from Secunderabad. Similarly , residents of RK Puram, Sainikpuri, Defence Colony , AS Rao Nagar and beyond cannot reach Secunderabad via Military Hospital and AOC Centre. They have to travel up to Trimulgherry Crossroads and take the already congested Rajiv Rahadari to reach Secunderabad.

Aug 06 2015 : The Times of India (Hyderabad)

(Source- TOI)


  1. Viewing the complete OROP issue in a single prospective it clearly
    emerges that the biggest road block or villain in preventing the implementation of OROP is Arun Jaitly. His earlier and present remark " heading in newspaper that OROP has been sanctioned for Judges is mischievous" points the figure directly to him. EX-SERVICEMEN SHOULD NEVR EVER FORGET THIS

  2. Dear sir,

    Arun jaitley the only creature who puts all stumbling block in the way of OROP, why because he was defeated by the ex army in the lok sabha, in order to take revenge on us he appears to advise his ministry babus to explore all ways and means to stop the implementation of OROP on the filmsy cause or anything not worth saying, he is under power intoxication, what will happen to him first health will deteriorate and one by one bad oman will act upon him.power corrupts man. absolute power corrupts him absolutely nothing to worry about it modi has cheated us arun jaitley indulges in the vengeful act against ex army. god is seeing all this episode

    1. Well said sir, as the saying goes; so you sow so you reap.

  3. Dear sir,

    All parties are unilateral and unanimous in shortening the period of MPs to six months with all concession and privy purses looted from taxpayers money. The MPs perks and allowances are listed in other miscellaneous in the tax law with an intention to award them impunity from paying tax. till five years of MP period they are entitled rs 20000 per mensum after every year rs 1000 is added to the base amount of rs 20000 besides so many concessions as if they are princes and maharajahas, when DMK came to power first time in tamil nadu, mr anna durai reduced the monthly pay of MLAs rs 500 to rs 250 , it is type of embezzlement and misappropriation of public fund. one day MODI has to answer it to the public