Sunday, August 2, 2015

'One rank, one pension' gets NRI push

CHANDIGARH: After holding a hunger strike outside the Indian embassy in London on Vijay Diwas marking the Kargil victory on July 26, Punjabi NRIs are planning a worldwide campaign to press for the implementation of one rank one pension (OROP) for retired armed forces personnel from mid-August.

Several NRIs from the UK, US and some parts of the Middle East are already on board to highlight the issue in their countries in a bid to garner international support and put pressure on the Indian government to "honour its promise". Prime Minister Narendra had raised hopes of the war veterans by promising to implement OROP during the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaigning.

London-based NRI Harpreet Singh said, "Our veteran soldiers have been sitting on relay hunger strike for over a month now in support of OROP. They are asking the government to give a concrete timeline. NRIs all over the world are concerned and feeling pained about the developments and therefore thought of coming together in support of the soldiers."

"A detailed schedule for a widespread campaign in different countries is being finalized before launching it in two weeks as there is strong sentiments on the issue among NRIs settled in different countries. In fact, NRIs from other Indian states too are joining in. We have made an appeal to every NRI to support our veterans and join this campaign in support of OROP in big numbers," said Dr Gurmeet Singh, another Punjabi based in London.

"We have written open letters to Prime Minister Modi, besides running a social media campaign on Twitter to highlight the issue with all the details that one needs to know about the history of OROP. For instance, in March 2015 the government committed that OROP will be implemented in three months. But there is still no sign of it," added Jagdeep Lohan, who is supporting the cause in the UK.

(Source- TOI)


  1. Its a welcome step, let the foreign media also visit jantar mantar and highlight this veterans struggle

  2. Firstly I want to thank my NRI friends on behalf of all the Armed Forces Veterans of our proud Nation ie: INDIA. Is it not surprising and disgraceful on the part of Indian Govt. to force the afv's on to the streets ? And over & above pretend to be deaf and mute spectators to the legitimate demands and the rights of afv's ? With the NRI community also extending their support to afv's, let's hope and pray the wisdom dawns now. Thank u NRI's once again.

  3. Cmmendable effort by NRI's. May some wisdom now dawn on Modi Govt.

  4. The greatest strength of Modi is NRI support first pull that one and see what happens.

  5. I hope the modi govtmust hear the struggle voiced by NRIs in london

  6. Jisko janta ne pardhan mantri banaya usi janta ki awaaz ko nahin sun raha hai, wah kaise desh ki trakki ke bare mein soch sakta hai.

  7. dear sir,

    Now world wide agitation for the implementation of OROP surges, see our prime minister,s callousness and inertness in the matter of OROP exposes his immature and irresponsible attitude toward the problem of ex army personnel. he is tea vendor turned hat-trick chief minister failed himself prove a effective and committed people prime minister. our ex peoples president abdul kalam even after his exit from presidentship commands more than a sitting president , the whole world weep and condole his death, I ask this opportunistic prime minister what you learn from the peoples reaction world wide to the demise of kalam. as long as you are in power, that we the ex army people,s vote you are in that position, kicking off the ladder that you and you party climbed to the level of much importance. do not say maan ki bath of yours understand the maan ki bath of soldier also, you are period in india would be coined as dark era because you have victimised the kissan and jawans both are eyes of the nation, you have blinded the mother india, the sin that you are committing , going to commit in your four year period, no holy river exists in the world in which you can expiate your sins , bharathi matha ki jai