Wednesday, August 12, 2015


PM has called representative team of veterans to discuses certain issue in respect of OROP at 5 PM . It is learnt that following officers are part of the team . Lt Gen BS Yadav Lt Gen Raj Kadyan, Major General Satbir Singh Col BK Sharma and a few more .Above officer have since left for the meeting let's hope for the best .
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  • Tushar Biswas Ia there any PBOR representative?
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  • Ashok Chhibbar Why do we insist on using the term PBOR? every one, even a soldier is an officer of the Defence Forces. Some are commissioned others are not!
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  • Tushar Biswas Sir, All are not like you. Thank you.
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  • Akhileshwar Singh Even a Sepoy when he goes on pension after 17 years , he is given hony rank of Naik which is a non commission. Even use of PBOR has been stopped in forces.
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  • Tushar Biswas Govt. uses PBOR only. See the part of a circular "The above Government letter provides improvement in pension to bridge the
    gap in pension of Pre- 1.1.2006 and Post 1.1.2006 discharged PBOR of the Armed Force".
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  • Ashok Chhibbar Tushar, that is a ploy by the babus. In the civil service even a Class IV is an officer!
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  • Pradeep Joshi Agar mil rahaa hai to bahut accha sabse yaadgaar indpendense day hoga 15 August 2015 ,
    Or BJP Government 30 saal tak koi nahi haata skta 26 lakh x army to all India with family 1 caroor se jyda to abki baari;
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  • Sasindran Alikkal Will the cat come out this time .....????
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  • Pritam Singh Randhawa Joshi Ji very right, 260mx10, an ESM may have min 10 votes as his family members, frnds n relative etc, this become 26 crores strong vote bank. BJP to think twice. Hope for the better. Jai hind,
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  • Kishor Vajpayee Is the news is authenticate ?
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  • Pradeep Joshi Bahut bahut shubkamnaay aap logo ke liye ye indpendens day yaadgaar ban Jaye or mere liye bhi kyo ki mai ek fouji ka beta hu
  • Devinder Kohli I am sure it's not publicity. If all Generals left.means they don't announcement will be kept pending till next independance day. JAI HIND.
  • Kishor Vajpayee Meeting is fail
  • Gouni Venkatanarayana If so, the PM might announce on 15th. Let us hope for the best.

(Source- twitter a/c)

PM has called representative team of veterans to discuss certain issues in respect of OROP at 5 PM.
It is learnt that following Offr's are part of the team:-
Lt Gen BS Yadav
Lt Gen Raj Kadian
Maj Gen Satbir Singh
Col BK Sharma & a few more.
Above Officers have since left for the meet

Late  evening we should hear some positive news hopefully
On Wednesday, 12 August 2015 8:53 PM, "CK Sharma [indianveterans]" <> wrote:

This, to the best of my knowledge, is a FALSE news!

This Group of people had gone and met Mr Rajiv Chandrashekhar today!

(Source- via e-mail) 


  1. Dear sir,

    The maximum constituents of ex defense pensioners ie 80 % are other ranks not even a single PBOR is in the group, PM should ask for the representative from other ranks group otherwise outcome would be inconsummate and incomplete as far as I understand. It appears to be false. in the democracy every activity should be transparent out spoken and accountable

  2. OROP benefit is only for Officers not for PBOR. Isme bhi Ghotala. I request to all PBOR not to accept orop till the full benefit is not being given to JCOs/OR, because the Officer are against PBOR.

  3. Where is Mr VK Singh, he should be present with the meeting with PM at 1700h, because he was in front line with Modi in Rewari Rally, now he is playing side hero role in the serial of orop.

  4. Who is thief/Daku leak this news from PMO that orop will be announced on 15 Aug ie,15,16,17,18 and 2019

  5. i agree with the views expressed there should be representative from all group. After leaving the service again disparity with PBOR, in the service we have suffered a lot ab aur nahi we have also liabilities