Friday, August 14, 2015


Veterans should demand an apology from Rajnath Singh for this unruly behavior of his police on those disciplined Ex-Servicemen at Jantar Mantar.
Let us all show solidarity with those sitting on hunger strike for the 62 days....... Shame on those cowards who suspect the soldiers as 'Security threat"
 *Dear all,*
 *1. We appreciate our War Veterans for holding fast bravely at Jntr Mntr to take on Delhi Police action head on. It was stunning action for we all & a surprising wave travelled fast through out India. We were at CSD Canteen Mohali on a routine welfare Office for ESM & Widows. I started getting calls from Pb & other place. I quickly, spoke to Col A Kaul & was assure of needful being done.*

 *2. How ever, ESM from all over were in anguish & ready to move to Delhi on short notice in support of our brethren at RHS. But soon news started travelling of controlable situation. We all condemn this D P action. The situation could have gone out of hand had the Police continued the nonsense. *

 *3. We appreciate Gen Satbir & his brave team to handle this adverse situation very maturely, effectively & to bring down the peace there. *

 *4. Rahul Gandhi was also handled very appropriately as per the Policy of UFESM. He was given proper send off, who came to score a political point over opponents. This may still harm us more than good. Now, 15 Aug may or may not bring cheers for us due to this. *

 *Col Sohi. 9815107744. Mohali.*