Sunday, September 25, 2016


Reading of the current situation - Facebook Post by a Vet

The Raksha Mantri says there have been lapses and he will ensure that such things don’t occur again.

I want to ask this guy or rather tell him that the Army will carry out its inquiry and sort out those responsible – it will not be a suspension and transfer like it happens in the police force or in the IAS where nothing will happen. Somebody’s – maybe a few will have their careers sealed. That’s ok we will do it. 

Now comes your part. Why the armed forces are so shabby as far as their infrastructure is concerned.

Have you gone to a post on the LOC and spent a night with the jawans there. As a DM it’s your bloody job to see the realities of the Indian Army on ground, and not reviewing Guards Of Honour in chappals. If you are the DM of this country stop sitting in the comforts of Luytens Delhi – go on guy and see how the Indian Army lives.

We live in shabby and pathetic conditions. Our living accommodation(on posts)is inhuman–we live in bunkers made of wood and mud and louse infected. Our trenches are unfit for fighting in. 

Would you care to see them? Don’t bask in your glory of being a RM and all the shit that goes on to look after you when you visit an Army Unit. 

Spend night with the troops – eat what they eat – live like how they live, starting from the morning crap. Then you will know what it is all about.

The issue is about the defence budget – we may be the third or fourth largest army in the world – but we are poor in infrastructure. We don’t have the basics, right from the clothing of a soldier to his basic equipment. Our rations are substandard. Our Boots don’t last 6 months – so we buy them. The army blanket – my dog also refuses to sleep on it. 

You have created a life cycle system to provide replacement clothing and equipment to a soldier – some SOB sitting in Delhi in the MOD decides how long my boots should last. I don’t have my ass plonked in cushioned chair in an AC office which is carpeted. 

Do you know how much an Indian Army Jawan spends on buying his clothing and equipment? Actually you know nothing.

We don’t have defence stores – the URI garrison has a lousy barbed wire fence – I saw it all when I was around there in 1985 and it hasn’t changed. Is that the improvement in the Armed Forces in the last 30 years? 

Who is responsible for that and whom are you going to sack for that? Troops are living in tents – man this is the 21 Century – this isn’t a Safari Park – these are Army Establishments – Permanent ones and troops still have to live in tents.

Mr DM, I can give a list of 1000 things of what is wrong with the system and not the Army. If you are worth your salt and not a Goa frilly willy as people think you are, you give the Armed Forces their due in basics including a good pay package. 

The defence budget is a paupers budget. 

Get your DIGs who get 50000- 70000 as allowance to sit on their chair in Shillong, Srinagar and Guwahati to fight the war- we can pack our bags and go home. Thank You.

 by JPS Grewal, retd Indian Army Para Offr.
This is the MOST AWFUL Language used by the writer.

U r blaming Mr M.Parrikar for this shit created by That AK ANTHONY who in his lungi collapses on the NDA Saluting Dias. 10 yrs A K A has mis-used the def budget.....TAKE HIM & HER.....FOR TASK for the def budget.

I have commanded the Inf Bn on the water shade 30 yrs back...pathetic state even 2 day.....why blame present RM.....catch AKA..The Woman & all others of ThatTeam.

Sharad Joshi, Vet.
The Politicians are not as powerful as you guys think. Even if they mean well and issue orders- they would never get implemented as long as the Finance guys and other Bureaucrats sit on the files or summarily reject every genuine case!
Cdr John Philipose, VSM (Retd)

(Source- as fwd via gp e-mail from A Sunder Rajan, Vet)


  1. Present and bonafide Army officers and jawans,please stop advising PM,RM,political leaders and bureaucrats. for the present status of the Army.You can not absolve yourselves from the ground reality that you too are responsible for the shabby and pathetic conditions of our armed forces.PM and RM can not visit your camps and take charge of everyday happenings.You work for only what you are paid ,please do not exert yourself unduly.All of you follow the protocol and let all your grievances and complaints about men materials reach your Chief of Staff.It is his duty to give you arms and ammunitions to you and ask you to fight.All your complains should be always in black and white.Instead of murmuring, advise all soldiers to take VR as it is in their hand.Let your wards not join armed forces.They can manage anywhere in India to earn their lively hood.Let the country face the music.Why do you take everything so serious and boil your blood?Who will listen to you.The people are interested in Cricket and PM had gone to Kerala to attend meeting as if Kozhikode city is burning.Be cool what ever is the fate of this nation,same is the of our armed force.

    1. After this so called diluted OROP award where by PMR/ VR becomes ineligible for pension announced .. can a soldier/ officer exit service on his own unless superannuated or thrown out.

  2. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 25, 2016 at 12:56 PM


    our army officers and jawans are belittled and marginalised , then why do not we do something radical to put the system on wheel, our jawans started protest against colony rule in the year 1807 and further in the year 1857 to save our country

    I request our serving top brass officers and retired officers to save our democracy

    1. vet. Hav Karunakaran you are quoting incidents in history termed as "Mutiny".
      Are you advocating agitations of that nature. Better beware. This is a serious matter. if taken cognizance of undesirable actions may ensue. My sincere suggestion to you is; kindly measure your words of protest.

  3. We cannot just blame only DM Manohar parickar sir,we have to blame the entire system of paliment. One man cannot make the system right. As for as Mr manohar pariker concern,he has done his level best.

  4. Modi hails army on ‘Mann ki Baat’: For the second consecutive day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reiterated that those responsible for the attack on the Uri army camp that killed 18 soldiers on September 18 would be punished. “There is lot of anger in the country over the Uri attack. We have faith in our forces. Culprits will be punished,” he said in his monthly radio address ‘Mann ki Baat’. “Recently our 18 brave-hearts laid down their lives in Uri. Such a cowardly attack was enough to stir the nation. I am sure that our soldiers would keep foiling such acts in the future,” Modi said in his address. He paid tribute to the fallen soldiers saying he is proud of the Army which does not speak but acts. We hope that the lost IJJAT of the Army will be restored by him without delay.

  5. Ye to aapne sari sachaai bata di ab koi officer ye padh kar mayoosh Ho jayega

  6. In India our main enemy is Bastard Bureaucrats Dogs/Bitches who are sitting at Ministry of Defence/ Ministry of Finance/Controller General Defence Accounts as no files are moving since last few years so how Defence Forces will improve

  7. Sir the power delegated to sr. Officers r also being misused. Without proper planning's new construction were made r presently not being used. Who stopped the sr.officers not to propose the real requirements. But fact r that watch the residential facilities of officer and there messes. Watch the difference of quality of ration food allowances and facilities of officers and jawans. Mainly u types of guais who got undue benefits and opportunities r not placing the facts in its proper prospective. Why the allowances food and facilitis are not same for officers and jawans. Orderly facilities r created is wholly unhumarian and illegal. Whether the facilities of vehicles machinery ration etc r being properly and equally used and utilised. There r highest rate of corruption and misuses of official machinery in defence. Please look into your colour

  8. When I was young soldier a song used to play "Actions speak louder than words,don't be deceived by all those fancy talkers".we have been taken for a ride,even now they are saying 18 soldiers killed by terrorists,no one talks often the tent which caught fire and burned the soldiers into a fiery death.till all the society including the judge who was involved in 7 pay commission is made to wear army fatigues and made to serve for 2/3 years,till then we will suffer the same fate..a veteran who loves his country and it's people

  9. When I was young soldier a song used to play "Actions speak louder than words,don't be deceived by all those fancy talkers".we have been taken for a ride,even now they are saying 18 soldiers killed by terrorists,no one talks often the tent which caught fire and burned the soldiers into a fiery death.till all the society including the judge who was involved in 7 pay commission is made to wear army fatigues and made to serve for 2/3 years,till then we will suffer the same fate..a veteran who loves his country and it's people

  10. Naginder singh parmarSeptember 25, 2016 at 5:06 PM

    Anguish is justified but not the
    language. But their is no other
    Option left then one way to come
    Out of frustation is abusive


  11. JPS Grewal's language is not from angst but from blind and unreasonable hatred.
    Even while vehemently opposing an idea or an action some amount of decency is expected especially of an officer of the armed force.
    One can criticise anyone being a subject of a democratic setup every one has a right to do so.
    What JPS Grewal wrote in the name of criticism is nothing but obnoxious and stinking vomit from his sick mind.
    I am not making any comment on the subject matter of the article.It is the manner he chose to exress.To say the least, He brought shame on entire armed forces

  12. The language used is certainly harsh but it carries truth. Instead of blaming only one, Mr Grewal could have blamed all in the chain and included the Babus who sitting in MOD with AC on, decides what we in Armed Forces wear, eat, live in and how much we get as salary.

  13. If foul language is used by a soldier or a veteran, it is out of frustration. Be it this government, or the previous one; all of them work under the guidance of the same bureaucratic setup. Be it Anthony or Parikkar, or some tom, or Dick or Harry; none cared for the forces and their welfare. What we require is not few occasional praises, but political will to see the silent and disciplined soldiers get their due with HONOUR. Veterans were treated like lepers by the present setup of the PM, the RM and the FM in the last one year, a diluted OROP is doled out unilaterally. A soldier knows this truth that the veterans are 'an use and throw item', and he will be joining their ranks soon after giving his youth for his mother land only to get puny attention after his retirement. All through his service he is betrayed intentionally, not given free speech enjoyed by other wings in government services, not given freedom to express his grievances under the guise of discipline; and now as a veteran free of those shackles that bound him while in service, he is at liberty to at least point out what is wrong in the system, may be with few abusive words that get rattled out. Few veterans with political leanings may get offended, still majority are frustrated, thus abusive. Many senior veterans did represent the cause of the ESM, but none in power cared for them, is this the respect that is shown to those senior officers of yesterday by these politicians and the bureaucrats? Shame on them.....

  14. Which commanding officer of a unit,be it Army,Navy or Airforce asked the jawans and allowed them freely to interact with any pay commission members whenever they visited the armed force establishments,till this 7th CPC? Can any individual openly come up in this platform and speak out the truth?
    When the baby does not cry ,even the mother would not feed the baby.All these tamashas will come to end the day 7th CPC implemeted.The usual course is opened for us -knock the doors of justice.

  15. Its a catch 22 situation .. If like a diplomat I talk and feign as an intellectual .. people exalt me. When a true soldier’s feeling and apathy pours out after decades ,systematic and intentional persecution .. we are labelled as rustic, uncouth and greedy.
    Challenging government or any intellectual to come out with a white paper and/ or put all the chiefs and ex-chiefs letters with point by point rebuttal.

  16. Shame on the part of those posting rubbish comments like this.they should not boast rubbish nor try to find fault of others specially in such an apparent failure of comd and control of offrs.CDR and his team should besaked and subjected to interrogation to find whether or not compromised with elements across the border.

  17. Truly the language used is harsh but the facts highlighted are true. The guy sitting at the decision making place should have at least 5 years of J&K field experience. Clothing and ration for soldiers are really law standard. Officers enjoy all the facilities to the full extent. If any sensible man is there at the planning and procuring section. Kindly supervise. Yes India having known for his corruption, even in grass roots level, is a daunting task. At least if start now some degree of fairness can be achieved.

  18. The people who object this language can tell which type of language these babu's and politician required. Should we give them ashirwad so that they have done give China our territory will be capurted and these netas and babu's will hide them self somewhere. So it is for people of India to wake up and throw these traitors out.

  19. the words used are rough but indicates the lapses from government.the armed forces are ill treated since 1973,blaming only present dm is not justified.

  20. Frustration and abusive language is the weapon of the weak who is at a loss for the course of future action.A cool mind is needed to win an external battle as well as internal battle.A serving Colonel with these qualities has successfully challenged the non representation of services on the allowances committee.His examples needs to be followed for other matters as well.Play cool and faithfully return to the nation exactly what you are provided or paid for (sic). The system will run to embrace you.By the way, why Sh. Mathur was not taken to a real border post and entertained like a royal guest instead.Any answer please.

  21. The language used by ex officer of armed forces against DM, who is known for his honestly and impeccable integrity is unfortunate.