Thursday, September 22, 2016


Dear all,
Today one man Justice Narshima Reddy Comn, had come to Hyderabad along with Def service reps of Army Navy and AF, at AF Stn Hakimpet.

Wg Cdr Reddy on behalf of AF Assn and Brig Vidyasagar gave presentations. 

They were well recd by OMJC. 

I had given the point, that the OROP Pension should be taken as on date of 31 Dec 15 and not the OROP pensions worked out in calendar year 2013. Later spoke to the Army rep Col Jasdev Singh, he said this point is being considered and the services are fighting hard for the same. 

AF rep was an AVM and Navy a Rear Admiral.

One point the Justice made to in reply of a Veteran Sgt that, Offrs get more MSP. 

He said it is the other way round offrs in 6PC had take a cut of Rs 1000, so that JCOs and OR get Rs 2000 MSP, because for offrs it was in lieu of Rank Pay, which would have worked out to Rs 6800/rounded off to Rs 7000/- whereas they accepted Rs 6000/-

He also said that, wherever he went, all officers wanted better deal for JCOs and OR and were even willing to forego their benefits for JCOs ORs. He said we were lucky to have well meaning offrs, all over India and in the Services. 

This effectively answered the Sgt, who ended up praising the offrs.

Many Veterans gave their points and were listened to by the Justice, who seemed to be quite pro defence services. 

Now one has to see what finally he recommends.

AF Stn H'pet made very good arrangements. 

We were heartily welcomed by SNCOs and WOs of the Stn, later on the AOC Hakimpet welcomed us.

A Sunder Rajan.

(Source : Via Gp e-mail)


  1. Take it from me.This OMJC will be will be another eye wash.Another committee will again be constituted to study the recommendations.In that process another a year will pass by.If at all anything is approved ,the Finance Ministry will take away another 6 months.Same thing applies to MOD and PCDA and in the meantime 30 to 40% of the veteran will not be able to see the sunlight the day CPPC credits arrears.We veterans haplessly will have keep our mouth shut because we not useful to this ungrateful nation.I remember a proverb,my friends from north used to very often say agar thaktheer --------- hai tho,pandav kya kar saktha hai.Chalo bhai, phir bhi ,MERA BHARAT MAHAN

  2. Ye bhai saheb temporary duty par hei. Fauzis just dont understand the game babus and neta play?

  3. What a fabricated and undesirable response by justice Reddy " msp to officers was given in lieu of rank pay and therefore it could not be equated"
    What about mns msp.they were also given in lieu of rank pay ?
    Pbors do not hold ranks or their ranks are meaningless so they were not given higher msp
    Many arguments and baseless logic will be given further to dilute the benefits to pbors

  4. Since, one judge, who headed the 7th PC,has immorally, misused his office and used lies by twisting facts,to harm the forces,though, no doubt, he must have done at AJ's behest and to appease babus, who could land him more such lucrative asignments,it's hard to trust the fairness of judges, unless,of course, it's just that, they are truly incompetent and thus can't be trusted for that very reason.Further, since the present GOVT,is hell bent like chacha nehru, to humiliate the forces. we should not be fooled into believing the planted stories.I, think, the only chance for us to get justice is the belligerence of china and pak and the ,of and on statesmanship,patriotism and fairness shown by PH&HP HIGHCOURT AT CHANDIGARH.

  5. More MSP to officers in lieu of Rank Pay. wah what a reply my 'Lord'

  6. Now that the OMJC Yatra is over, we must wait for his recommendations to the GOI. This may take another month, say end Oct 2016. then the MOD and the MoF will vet it for dilution, and this will take at least three months, say end Jan 2017. A new set of 101 tables must be prepared with the accepted OROP final norms, 7CPC Option 2 scales and the corrected 7CPC anomalies, another four months till the end of May 2017. That means the veterans will get 7CPC based modified OROP pensions only in Jul 2017. Then starts another set of anomalies to be cleared, and another OMJC will be ordered. So, we will be perpetually going around in harmonic circles. May GOD save the veterans.