Wednesday, September 14, 2016


"Colonel Veteran"
In order to address the concerns of its ex-servicemen, the Army has appointed officers of Colonel rank to act as a channel of direct correspondence between the retired personnel and the Army Headquarters.

The need for appointment of such officers were felt in the wake of a massive agitation carried out by the veteran personnel in all parts of the country in demand of One Rank, One Pension (OROP). At the time of the OROP agitation, the defence ministry and the central government faced absence of officers who were in regular touch with the huge ex-servicemen community comprising a staggering population of over 23 lakh and majority of them living nearby the cantonment areas.

This decision was taken early this year by the central government to have regular officers handling all grievances and playing the role of a mediator between the ex-servicemen and the government. These officers have been given the designation of Colonel Veteran and have been posted in areas where there is a large population of the retired personnel.

This is an initiative of the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force in all its wisdom may use the already existing countrywide network of the Air Force Association.

(SOURCE : FB A/XC - Air Force Association-India)


  1. Is there an official order on this subject? Where and when one can reach this Colnel Veteran?

  2. When chiefs are not heard..who is going to bother about this eyewash appointment. There should be a brigadier rank officer in DESW to process cases but that no body will allow.

  3. Ok my first concern may please be got registered with them: Why there is no 7 th pay notification for retired people like us..why are we treated like filth? Let us see what can they do? Nothing i know.

  4. Sir,an other stunt to befooling Exsm.what this poor COLONEL VETERANS WILL DO TO REDRESS the grievances,without any executive powers.SAINIK WELFARE OFFICERS are already there.all veterans colonel will have the fate of COSC to surrender.

  5. Naginder singh parmarSeptember 14, 2016 at 7:01 PM

    I will suggest three demands:
    (1) Chief of Defence Staff
    (2) Defence Secretary
    (3) Dte Ex Servicemen Welfare
    It should be with specialist defence
    Persons and these will be in the
    Interest of nation.

  6. Without the involvement of PBORs, the pay and status of the PBORs are not at all going to change. This is not a developed country. The mindsets in defence are totally colonial. If our own organisation can't fight for our pay parity with the civilians, then least we can expect from the civilian government.

  7. Ofcourse these colnel veteren should be appointed by exservicemen,not the govt or MOD and babu's.