Saturday, September 17, 2016

Military agrees to accept new pay scales from Oct

Fourteen lakh military personnel will get their new salaries under the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) from October 1, with the three Service chiefs agreeing to wait for the government to separately resolve the “core pay anomalies“ at a later date.Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, in his capacity as chairman of the chiefs of staff committee, on Friday directed the Army , Navy and IAF headquarters to issue the requisite orders and instructions for implementation of the 7th CPC immediately , defence ministry sources said.
This comes after defence minister Manohar Parrikar's assurance to the Service chiefs -ACM Raha, General Dalbir Singh Suhag and Admiral Sunil Lanba -that he would strive to resolve their “core pay anomalies“ at the earliest by taking them up with PM Narendra Modi. “Parrikar has already discussed the matter with the PM,“ said a source.
The flurry of activity comes after the Service headquarters on September 9 issued signals to their personnel around the country that they had asked the government to keep in “abeyance“ the implementation of the 7th CPC for them till the persisting core anomalies were resolved, as first reported by TOI last week.
Upset with the signals, Parrikar had summoned the Service chiefs to ask them to dispel the notion that a con frontation was brewing between the government and the armed forces. Consequently , ACM Raha had issued a statement that said, “The defence minister is seized of all the issues and has assured to resolve them at the earliest. The Services are satisfied with the response.“
The armed forces for long have maintained that successive pay commissions have degraded their status, parity and equivalence as compared to their civilian counterparts, and the 7th CPC was no exception.
The 33 lakh central government civilian employe es have already begun to get their enhanced salaries under the 7th CPC -along with arrears from January 1 -from this month onwards after their new pay-scales were earlier notified by the government.
But the three Services till now had kept the September 6 notification issued by the Centre for them on hold because it did not address any of their main issues. “Anomalies of the 6th CPC, incidentally , have not been resolved till now despite promises. Let's see if they are resolved now,“ said an IAF officer.

(SOURCE- TOI NEW DELHI - http://epaperbeta.timesofindia .com/Article.aspx?eid=31808& articlexml=Military-agrees-to- accept-new-pay-scales-from- 17092016015030 )


  1. Where do the veteran pensioners' notification stand ?? Any update ??

  2. Who cares for veteran.....they are useless as far as the govt is concerned. Its becuming a curse to be a retired fauzi as if we served for other country and settled down here with govt meharbaani. We are treated like filth...but then our serving brothers and sisters are too treated badly. Very bad ...very sad.

  3. What about the orop and dl33. Any progress on the issue.

    1. When a new sweet is offered, an innoscent child forgets the old one denied.

    2. Yes'
      Orop is already under assessment by Single Farmer' CJ Patna. DL-33 and 7th CPC are in under consideration between MoD & MoF for Approval of Finmin Division. You may question may be reise? in this regard.Why need Approval of Finmin' The answer is' The cost Expenditure of DL-33 Nearby 11 to 12 thousand crore as per A' Label Matrix Same are B Lebel Matrix are going 9 thousand crore. Hence' MoD want special Fund should release by Finmin due to DL-33 implementation Order by Apex court. Hence' . Hence' in this regard MoD approaching to Finmin for releasing of Budget. The cause of Delay of implementation of DL-33.

  4. Pensioners or in service and all retired .. its time to hold fort.
    If we crumble like a cookies even ants will devour us.

  5. As per Major Navdeep who mentioned in his blog that arrears will soon be paid and apparently the delay is due to detailed calculations. Yes we understand at the end of the day, the arrears will flow from Jan 2016. For many and personally it does not matter much to me I can wait. What about the widows and veteran NCOs / JCOs who live from pension cheque to pension cheque.

    Instead of going so much in to calculation of pension, given the purchasing power of the rupee, why cannot the government round up the pension to nearest Rs100 or so and be done with it.

  6. 7th CPC IMPASSE CONTINUES as per PCC IHQ and msg floating on Whats App * other social media are baseless.

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  8. Sir
    Yes, is there any good news for veteran pensioners also?
    If any thing new, then please let us know.

    Good regards

  9. Military pensioners resolution has not yet been issued by min of def. When will they issue. It is too late.

  10. Please reply comment 1, if it is in the knowledge of anyone.

  11. Whther the three Chiefs demands include only for serving personnel because it is no where mentioned about the pensioners in their statemeñt. Who can clarify this fact ?

  12. This ia FAKE Release given to the press by Head Babu of MOD-
    Read on--
    - Saturday, 17 September 2016 5:16 PM

    Latest fwd as received. ...

    Just came back from a pn given by Brig Rao DDG Pay Commission Cell .Msg floating in Whats App or other social media are baseless.The fact Army accepts to implement Pay Commission is given to media by Def Secy and not by RM.RM is in favour of addressing the anomalies.Chiefs told him that Defence forces will wait but implement it after sorting out the anomalies.Like dt by 15 Nov So dont expect it before 01 Jan 2017.All newspapers clippings have been rel by MoD not by Military or by RM.

    A Sunder Rajan

  13. Exservicemen are in hurry to get defective pension. Please have patience and realize folly. Your pension is to be 50% of pay + MSP. Once MSP & Disability Pension is to be revised, how pension will be decided? Civilian pay matrix is of 40 QS wheras Military matrix is 24 QS. These required to be equalised or Pay/pension of 40 QS to be equal to 24 QS. 7 CPC/IAS Babus have done anamolies at every step which are required to be rectified before issue of SAI/SNI/SAFI.

  14. The three Chiefs opened the pandora box and then closed it magnanimously. The open confrontation might have died down for the time being, but the back ground discontentment is simmering in the troops. Unless the core anomalies, specially those concerned with the lower ranks are sorted out at the earliest, one can expect an open defiance in the rank and file. The MOD must tread the line of decency at the earliest. If the MOD fails to concede to correct the 7CPC anomalies, the Chiefs will be held responsible by their men. Now the ball is in their court, knowingly or unknowingly they stepped in to attain the goal.

  15. Whether separate orders will be issued for Armed forces pensioners as said in the orders for civilians. Pl. Someone clarify. So far no news about Armed Forces pensioners.

  16. Spreading lies on this very sensitive subject of Degradation of Armed Forces from 3rd CPC onwards has now taken a very serious turn. It is no longer a question of mere salary, allowances and pensions.

    MOD will have to face the consequences of insulting the men in uniform.

    History will not forget this persistent behavior on part of the present and previous Govts. May God enlighten those responsible, to introspect and take corrective measures, so as not to cause further insults to the only disciplined and nationalist organization of our country.