Thursday, August 6, 2015


Today 51st day of Relay Hunger Strike, 21 Ex-servicemen sat on RHS at JM. Ex-servicemen had come from Ambala, Jhajjhar Haryana and Noida. It is very encouraging that ESM are coming from almost all states of India for joining the RHS at Jantar Mantar. The mood at JM was upbeat and morale was high. Jantar Mantar was visited by more than 200 ESMs including officers, JCOs, ORs and civilian supporters who had boosted the morale of ESM on RHS and the organizers. Two delegations, from Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, visited JM in support of RHS. It is matter of great pride that Hav Major Singh was on RHS for 51st day and Col Pushpinder Singh was on RHS for 15th day.

The breakfast at JM was sponsored by Col Pushpinder Singh of 3rd Grenadiers for the third time since beginning of RHS.

Today, 26th NDA Course officers along with their lady wives visited JM to boost morale of ESM on Hunger Strike. The Course gave a large donation for offsetting expenditure of running the agitation.

First Chief of Naval Staff (Ex CNS) Admiral L Ramdas, of the 1st NDA Course, visited JM on 31 July and gave a donation for the ongoing agitation. This is a great morale booster and hopefully other Chiefs of staff and senior officers will soon join battle for OROP. Retired Chiefs of staff have given indication that they are now ready to take up the issue of OROP with Government in their own way. Indications are that they are now ready to take up the issue of OROP with PM of India.

Similar agitation is going on in 65 more towns in India. Recently Kulu has also been added in the Agitation has entered in next phase wherein visibility of ESM will be seen in all over India. In this phase, intensity of agitation all over country will be increased. RHS all over country will be increased. Marches will be taken out around the country.

Mr Dipinder Hooda and Mr Mahabal Misra (ex-MP) had visited JM to express their and their party’s solidarity with the demand of Ex-servicemen. Mr Dipinder Hooda has expressed that he will take the issue of OROP in Parliament. He confirmed that he has already given a notice to speaker Lok Sabha for a discussion on OROP and the delay in its implementation.

Mr Derek O’brien of TMC also contacted Gen Satbir Singh that soon all 46 MsP of TMC will visit JM to express their support for OROP. He has also promised that he and his MsP will raise question for this undue delay in issuance of Government notification for OROP.

Mr Sharad Yadav of JDU has also extended support for OROP and has promised to raise the issue in Parliament. Mr Sitaram Yechuri has sent a letter to JM confirming his party’s support for OROP. Mr Jitinder Chaudhry has also confirmed his commitment to OROP.

The boycott call of all Government functions by Ex-servicemen will be strictly implemented by all ESM pan India. Maharashtra unit of IESM has refused to attend Kargil day functions planned for 6 Aug 15.

Some ESM are hell bent to increase the RHS into Hunger Strike till death, but Chairman is trying his best to dissuade them to start the fast. Chairman has been able to convince them to wait till 15 Aug 15 and if the Government fails in honoring its promise then they will be permitted to start their fast-unto-death if they wish. IESM has received 21 volunteers to go on fast-unto-death in case of failure of Government to fulfil its promise.

Messages are being received from across all states in support of RHS.

Gp Capt VK Gandhi
04 Aug 2015

(Source- via e-mail)


  1. No more leash to the govt from 15th August 2015. If PM announces, it will be great Or he has to face the wrath of Veterans. We know Gandhian way then we also know Subash Chandra Bose. God save India and the most silent PM. At least Manmohan had restriction in a coalition govt - what is your excuse - MODALITIES? Shameful word for an advanced India.

  2. आप लोग जिन्दगी भर भूख़ हड़ताल करो कोई भी सरकार कुछ नही करेगी आप लोगो के लिए लिख कर देती हु में ज्यादा करोगे तो गदार घोसित कर देगी सरकार आप लोगो का तो मज़ाक बना दिया हा हा हा हा

  3. Well Friends it is going to be August 15, 2015 from the Ramparts you HOPE to hear.

  4. 15 August se orop ka kya sambandh hai Kya Modi sare kam 15 August ko hi karainge.

    1. नही रिटायर फौजी को आस हे की o r o p दे दे फौजी हाथ फ्लाये बेठे हे जसे वो भीख मांग रहे हो स्टेशन पर भीख मांग ले जवान पर फौज में नही हो भर्ती जब भीख ही मागनी हे तो

  5. Ravinder Rawat ex sgt veteranAugust 7, 2015 at 8:21 PM

    Looking at the present situation I will not advise any of my relatives or friends to join defence because of discrimination being meted out veterans.

  6. Pen oth arr 8-15to8-15 2
    mere a/c me aaye he 1680 pta nhi kya he