Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Saturday, 8 October 2016 8:34 PM

Very Respected  Raksha Mantriji,

I have the honor to submit following for your kind attention please.

a) De Linking Of 33 years for granting minimum Guaranteed Pension - Pre 2006 Retirees

The veterns are well aware that, the responsiblity of mis interpretation of VI CPC recommodation lies with Dr Manmohan Singh Governement Who allowed to manuplate  its own governments' resolution by removing the word minimum of the fitment table and amount so arrived linking to 33 years which was totally against the essence of VI CPC reccommendation.

After many civilians and veterns approached Hon Spreme Court, NDA government had to bear the cost of it.

However it is pain full to inform you sir, Ministry of Personal and Pension has issued the  Office Memorandum on 6th of April 2016 and immediately on 8th of April  2016 Principal Controller of  Defence account was kind enough to issue the implemention letter for civilians ( Cir C149 dt 08 April 2016).  MOD/DESW has delayed the Office Memorandum for six months for the reasons only known to them, but PCDA even after passing one week from getting Office Memorandum from DESW have not issued the implementation letter. They were proactive in issuing implemention orderwithin two days for themselves but not bothered to do anything for Military Veterns.

b) VII CPC Implementation for Ex Servicemen

Sir for the reasons beyond your control VII CPC resolution for exservice men was also delayed till 30th Septemeber. (Civilians already got the payment and arrears in the month of August 2016). However even after one week of resolutiion issued by Depaertment of Exservicemen Welfare, PCDA did not bothered to issue implementation order.

It is prertaining to mention that, both above orders are very simple and MOD letter is self explanatory. PCDA has no reason to withhold the implementation letter. These orders are  as good as issueing a Dearness Allowance revision.

Inview of the foregoing, I humbly request you sir, to review the role and importance of PCDA. Sir it is the time to ask PCDA why we need them. Most of us do not understand why PCDA should issue the implementation order when MOD already issued an office memorandum. No another Governement department has such dual sanctioning authority. 

Since NDA government under wise leadership of Shri Narendra Modiji, is showing courage to change all the colonial formalities like dispensing off railway Budget/ changing financial year etc, I humbly request for considering review of role of PCDA. I sincerely feel their role should be limited to accounting and not policy making. No company owner will allow his accountant to make policy for him. 

If the implemention order not issued before 10th October;  Indian Military Veterns will be celebrating Deepavali with out VII CPC revision and benifit of de linking of 33 years service. We consider it is a reward given to us for protecting our nation.

 Sir, I request your kind intervention to issue the implementation orders for above so that Veterns can have a joyful Deepavali.

Advance Deepavali Greetings to you sir.

Thanking you

Jose Mathew

(Source- Via Gp e-mail)


  1. DL 33 means pro rata is removed.After removal the pro rata based method of calculation it is null and void and becomes absolete automatically.
    Then what are rest of methods available.
    1.Consolidation method.
    2.Basic pay of every individual ascertained from the running pay band taking into the number of increments earned according to the length of service divide by 2 ie 50% of last drawn pay including Grade pay,MSP,and X gp apy where ever applicable.

    It further says that ,pension amount arrived by such methods of fixing, should never be lesser than 50% of of the sum of the pay of the minimum of pay in the fitment table.
    A layman can interpret this .But if your intention is not to give there so many ways of doing it

  2. No company owner will allow his accountant to make policy for him. This I have kept shouting in all forums

  3. the letter for adhoc payment for serving af pers hasbeen appeared today on staff news site and it hasbeen dated 10 oct . it is shame how to describe the rotten attitude towards esm for not paying the revised pension as per 7 cpc.