Friday, October 14, 2016


Parrikar sends disability pension issue to anomalies committee

New Delhi, October 13

Def Min Manohar Parrikar on Thursday put a lid on the raging controversy of military personnel getting lower disability pensions than civilians by referring the matter to an ‘anomaly committee’ of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC).

Parrikar’s move means the controversial notification issued by the Ministry of Defence on September 30 — that resulted in lower disability pensions for non-battle injuries, has been kept in abeyance.

A statement of the MoD said, “The representation of the Service Headquarters (official lingo for three armed forces) has been referred to the Anomaly Committee of 7th CPC for consideration.”

The 7th CPC recommended a fixed slab-based system for determining the disability pension for Defence Forces, which was accepted by the government. A system that allowed a percentage of basic pay be paid for non-battle disabilities was followed in the 6th CPC. This was the case for Defence Forces as well as civilians.

The armed forces have represented that the percentage based system should be continued for calculating disability pension for Defence Services as their civilian counterparts are getting the same benefit as was available under the 6th CPC.



  1. The whole dispute,about this thing or that thing (denial of various entitlements to the Forces)is actually nothing but just an application by the shameless and corrupt babus of the tactical doctrine of "bleeding the Forces with a thousand cuts". I, am sure our rotten babus will be invited by Pakis to lecture them on the finer points in the execution of the doctrine, which, though is their doctrine but our rotten babus have been more successful in applying it.

  2. Delaying tactics...else GOM could have done it in a minute

    1. Yes, by not accepting the 7th CPC recommendation in this proposal so that status quo as per 6th CPC would have continued even if the minimum higher pension in odd cases was not revised.

  3. Great job. The Armed Forces of India shall ever be indebted?

  4. This is a way to solve unemployment.These committees should be formed for at least till 8th CPC.

  5. This is a way to solve unemployment.These committees should be formed for at least till 8th CPC.

  6. We need beaurocracy Mukt Bharath.Jai hind.

  7. Anomalies Committee is the same lot of Babus who have accepted this
    recommendation of 7CPC in the first place as Com of Secys & have
    subsequently got it approved by the cabinet.There is NO member from the Services in this lot.
    Service HQs must insist on the issue to be referred to GOM/Committee headed by an Indep MP familiar with the issue.

  8. Ye kya tamasha & circus!. Why create such a disparity of dp over other civil service .allow it to precipitate as govt order .then - usual modus operandi of com ,cos ,GOM ,omjc ,court cases ,appeals......go on ,on and on for years ,decades.we have done - we are doing - exp figures- bahut kita ......etc. ultimately - where we were ,there we are .jai se the !