Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Dear All,

Indeed all relevant aspects have been well brought out and analysed to its logical conclusion. Well done Maj Navdeep., an apt and fitting answer to the erstwhile DGAFMS , for over stepping his limits and for Not knowing his own job well and the Hindustan times .

A Sunder Rajan, Vet 

(Source- via gp e-mail)


  1. Sir Maj Navdeep Singh's reply is only to cover some issues, But as per the chart given by MOD the increase in Disability cases of officers were so high comparing to men from 2006 to 2016 which has led to the Slab system and any disability case should be decided by Government specialists and not by our own officers which is creating many doubts about the genuineness of the case.

  2. I will be candid here. I appricate Maj Navdeep to defend us but unfortunately the very issue of Gens and brigadiers somehow managing disability in last about 10 years has shot up alarmingly ( but that has happened in case of IAS,IPS and CPMF also in higher rank but babus did not and wont provide info of that) there by giving rise to thinkable suspecion at govt level. Bit then officers in the rank of Col and below have not seen much rise and in case of JCOs and Jawans it has drastically declined and hence it was absurd to penalize the ranks and files below the rank of Col but because Babus could not single out officers above Brigadier a common slab system was thrust upon us mindlessly. If the stats were correct also they could have recommended Release Medical Board of the officers to be done at a higher level by a select board, but in stead shooting the tigers with sheeps is not unconstitutional buy also unbecoming of them and govt which has approved this recommendation alike.

  3. Maj NS was appropriate and right on dot.
    Fistly , it is beyond locus standi of DGAFMS to state like that.
    Secondly ,why should it be different to civil employee .i.e ,% age basis to babu and slab basis to mily (sep to gen ).
    How does one conceive such ...bak ...of -disparity and denial.
    As we look at it - scrap % age to civil .have slab system to all.
    No problem .Resolved.
    *Individually i am against this dp to unfit and poor physical std &fitness to one and all except war related and mily exercises disability - against easy and lazy living life styles related disability.
    More so in civil service .Why should a IDAS,IAS ,IPS ,GP A ,....etc should get dp after say service of 30+ or - yrs of goi guest.??
    Yes ,scrap dp for all after say 30+or - yrs service having drawn full pay&allowences +++++.that is some sort of solution to ever increasing heavy burden on finances due to additional pension to weak and unfit lot.
    More - a person cannot walk say 10 miles or jump 9 ft(even 6 ft), falls like laddu/kaddu and then feed him and give him addtional dp .kya majak hai!. This happens only in Mahan Bharat.

  4. Dear Maj Navdeep Singh
    Hats off to you for championing our cause. But I have a doubt. At present we are drawing DP on percentage system. Suddenly they bring in slab system to be applicable with retrospective effect or with effect from 01 Jan 2016. Does it mean reduction of pension we have drawn as in the slab system disability element stands reduced for Majs and above. Can it be done that those already drawing DP in the percentage system to continue with the same and the new orders of 7 CPC to be made applicable for those declared disabled wef 2016.

  5. every malpractices major or minor is known to everybody including govt machinery. the govt only trying to curbe these type of wrong doing as the involved personnel are influential. the cpc is not a blind body.

  6. karunakaran a ex havildarOctober 20, 2016 at 8:20 AM


    what we come to understand the high up in the institution reap lion's share whereas rank and file are belittled, life expectancy of a soldier is before attaining 55 years of age, he expires, life span is very short in case of army soldiers, JCOs and officers after retirement, we came 15 demobee out of army only 5 are alive ,remaining all met premature demise

    If any doubt pertaining to that general officers are abusing their power, form a panel of doctors having disinterested quality and impartial in nature to prob the disability cases of top brasses, automatically truth will prevail