Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The Raksha Mantri called a meeting on 24th October 2016 where a number of ESM Associations were invited. We were one of them. Senior representatives of the CGDA, Def Finance, Ministry and those from the Army, including the AG and MD ECHS attended. The Senior representatives of PNB and SBI were also present. The Minister of State was also present.

At the outset, the Raksha Mantri, indicated his hurt at the various mails derogatory towards the "BUREAUCRACY " and requested the Veteran Community from use of such language and adjectives.  

He announced that he wanted everyone paid on the basis of 7CPC by 1 Nov 2016. No further mention was made.

He then asked the various ESM present to indicate their issues. However, on being told that since he had invited everyone for the meeting, we could start by his Agenda.

The following was then taken up. All the issues discussed related to the Disabled Veterans in this meeting. Other issues will be discussed in subsequent meetings:

1. Arbitrary reduction in service element of war injury pension 
    It was informed that the PCDA(P) did not seem clear in regards the service element authorised to those invalided out of service and that they were entitled to the "equal amount to the normal retiring pension of the rank held at the time of disablement for maximum service of the rank".  Due to this, the pensions of the disabled had been reduced drastically and their widows as well. PPO of Capt Pantakhi and Col Menon were handed over. The RM informed the CGDA representatives that he agreed with our version and ordered them to rectify the anomaly.

2. PPO's

AVM Kapoor informed the RM that though the banks were paying the Veterans based on their calculations no authenticated order of Govt  of details of such payments were received by the Veterans. PPO's had not been received. Discussion then ensued on the modalities by which such PPO's could be issued issuing the digital mode and the inclusion of all Record offices including MP5 and MP8. The AG informed the chair that the CGDA office would have to be augmented by 500 personnel to clear this additional load and at the same time develop the immediate despatch of PPO's. The RM said that it was worth the work entailed and desired the required effort to begin.

3. Banks not providing detailed payment details on request by Veterans
We reported to the RM as did others that the banks especially Syndicate Bank, SBI and PNB were not providing the details of payment on request to the Veterans with detailed calculations. PNB representatives present indicated that whenever there was a revision, their bank provided the same. The SBI indicated the same.

The RM then indicated that he would write to all the Chairmans of the Banks to show compassion  and to assist the Veterans.

3. Tardy Responses by PCDA (P)
   The RM was aware of this issue and had similar delays in the responses to him on his queries. This aspect was to be rectified and noted by CGDA representatives.

4. Enhanced Widows pension for disabled invalided out war wounded.
 The ADG PS intimated that the file duly processed had been forwarded to the Joint Secretary. The RM intimated that he would have another meeting with DIWAVE on this  issue.

Empanelment of Prosthetic Centres

 The RM announced that he had cleared 54 centres of Ottobock and Endolite for empanelment and asked the AFA present as to the present position. The AFA intimated that the order would be issued in 10 days time.

The RM, then adjourned the meeting, due lack of time, with the intimation to all to be available at short notice on issues raised by them as he was interested to clear all other such raised by Veterans before 30 Dec 2016.

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  1. Col H N Handa
    Why you all shy in putting ineligible words? I can only understand that you Officers are only looking for own interest at cost of PBORs

    1. Where it is for officers , it for all broad minded

    2. Where it is for officers , it for all broad minded

  2. When ever any meeting is called only officers are there for taking the case of officers. they are not worried about PBORs. The most sufferers are PBORs. No body is there to brief the higher authorities about the sufferings of serving and retired PBORs. If any representative are present from PBOR side no body listens to them.

  3. Army officers dont care about PBOR

  4. Army officers dont care about PBOR

  5. Come to the point when we'll get arrears paid

  6. karunakaran a ex havildarOctober 27, 2016 at 1:48 PM


    PBORs are curry leaves cooked in the delicious food, after serving, they will throw curry leaves towards dustbins, similarly we are placed

  7. Hi level officers meetings discussion details are only indicating their salary structure and the differences between the beurocrats, but never seen any details about the details of PBOR. It is really painful.

  8. All news about payment of 7 CPC pension to Pre 2016 Def pensioners on Diwali proved false as no bank made payment of new pension. PCDA Pension is sleeping where as in digital Indian environment it is matter of minutes.