Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Letter On Ranks Leaves Military Furious, 'Will Fix It' Says Minister Manohar Parrikar - by Vishnu Som

NEW DELHI:  A Defence Ministry letter that elevates civilian officers in comparison to their military counterparts has provoked deep resentment in the armed forces.

The letter, circulated a week ago, was signed off by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, who now says he will try to correct the contents. "I have asked for the exact status. I will see and if I find any reduction in functional responsibilities -  this is not status...some people are trying to misguide - they will be on same platform as earlier," Mr Parrikar said on Tuesday.

The letter says a principal director with the Armed Forces Civil Services, who was equivalent to a brigadier, will now be at the same rank as a major general. A director-rank officer, who used to be at the level of a Colonel, has been equated with a brigadier. A joint director is now the same rank as a Colonel, instead of Lieutenant Colonel.  

A Defence Ministry letter elevates civilian officers in comparison to their military counterparts.

In military circles, the letter represents an attempt to downgrade the forces, for whom rank signifies honour and respect.

"Status and functional responsibility go hand in hand. How can you separate them?" questioned former army chief General VP Malik.

The letter, he said, is "deliberate mischief" after the seventh Pay Commission which many in the forces feel benefits civilians more.

"The armed forces are very, very sensitive about their status and social standing...I do not know why somebody thought of disturbing the status at a time the whole world is praising the armed forces' action after Uri attack. A letter like this affects morale," said the general.

Here is the Defence Ministry letter:

(Source- NDTV 

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  1. My dear respected Defence Minister, Are these Principal Directors/Directors, Commanders of Divisions/Brigades, where thousand of lives are at stake to make them equivalents of Major General/Brigadiers? Are they selected by Promotion Boards with 20 or more years of service or merely on seniority list paper tigers without attending staff college and senior command courses and commanding Infantry Battalion/Brigade/Division in North East, J&K, Leh/Ladakh and LOC/LAC.There is no equivalent to Military Commanders/officers and such letters be withdrawn and destroyed and put ban on such letters in future.

  2. When a Captain of Indian Army is equated with Gp B Section Officer, then I have nothing to say because this is the limit of STUPIDITY of JS signing such an order. If our Political Masters, guided by selfish B'crats blindly, keep their eyes & ears closed, then even the God cannot help the country.

  3. Yes. As soon as possible as N S Gill sir stated.

  4. Parrikar sleeps in the office with loud snoring. He doesn't know what is happening in his ministry and what letters his staff are signing. After the letter goes viral he wakes up and then he says that he will undo the letter. This is how Defence Minister of India works.

  5. Mr Parrikar... It's high time you appointed an IAS officer or an IPS officer as the chief of the three services.... You aim of screwing up the three services will come clear with clear direction and intent.