Thursday, February 18, 2016

A MUST READ - Written by a young engineer from Hyderabad...

I'm an engineer working in the IT industry. I work 9 
hours a day, 200 hours a month and roughly 2400 
hours a year. Sometimes, I work during holidays like 
Holi and Diwali just to make that extra few rupees.

I can buy food and clothes just because some people in  Canada use mobile phones and internet.

I pay my taxes dutifully and I never take subsidy. 
The  LPG cylinder I use is from a private vendor and not the subsidized Government one. The rice, flour I buy isn't from a PDS shop, no subsidy. I pay taxes, high taxes on petrol that I use in my bike, VAT, Sales tax, this tax, that tax, but I never crib about that.

Coming to education, I was never the beneficiary of 
Govt. funded subsidized education. My school i.e. 
South Point School was a private one and my college 
GIMT was also a private engineering college. Belonging 
to a lower middle class family, I know the sacrifices 
my parents made to get me a good education. I never 
cribbed about the Government not opening an extra 
engineering college or waiving off my tuition fee. 
Instead, I cursed my mediocrity and my inability to 
get into a govt. college and hence subsidize my 

The city I live, Hyderabad has acute water problem 
and I pay Rs 700 every month on water. I don't 
expect the Govt. to provide free water to me nor free electricity. Unlike the freeloaders and beggars of Delhi, I would never vote for a crook who promises free electricity and water. I know, Socialism is not a viable experiment and cannot be sustained in the long run. It has to fail and it will fail.

In spite of all this i.e. the govt. not doing any thing 
for me, I never raised anti-India slogans and if 
needed would give the last drop of my blood to mu 
country. How dare they shout slogans like "Hindustan teri barbaadi tak jung chalegi" - "We'll fight till the destruction of India". How dare they say "Bharat tere tukde honge, Insha Allah Insha Allah" - "India, you'd be divided, Allah willing Allah willing", when they're the beneficiaries of all that I didn't.

Free education, free food, free accommodation in an 
expensive city like Delhi and all they shout is shit and 
just for the sake of freedom of speech we should 
tolerate it.

Like a true believer in John F Kennedy's saying "Ask 
not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country", there is a section of people like me who work day in and day out and glorify our country's name not only in India but across North America, Europe and Asia and here we have another section sucking out the life blood of India and chanting anti-India slogans.

Listen, you communists, leftists, pseudo-secularists, 
seccessionists, so long we Nationalists are alive you 
would never succeed in your diabolical designs of 
breaking India.

The 21st century belongs to people like  me, not Jhola Chaaps like you.




(Source- via  Gp e-mail) 


  1. You pay 700 for water? You must be super rich with a swimming pool for the minimum bill comes to 242.50 for most of us in Hyderabd. Thanks for paying the ITax, but didn't quote the figures. To make you knowledgeable, the water, electricity, roads you are using, the food you are eating, health service you are enjoying are all subsidised at their point of origin, if you pay actual cost, then your company have to treble your salary. Never say that the government never did anything for you. You are an IT engineer just because your substandard quality is tolerated by your employer who too is subsidised by the government. Every one from Ambani down to the beggar on the street are subsidised by the government. UNDERSTAND?

  2. My dear, you are right and I appreciate to you for expressing your views. It is truth that subsidy is for politician and rich me and it is not for lower middle class families. I salute to you and hope from all new generation that support to you and INDIA. Jai Hind.

  3. Before expressing the views or writing a topic one must find the facts.It would be better to use resources available like internet where i saw some placards being shown that demanding freedom from hunger & freedom from other atrocities & i also heard Raga speaking that no anti national should not be spared but it is wrong to brand a section of students as anti national.I see nothing wrong in both the above & if we see the video we don't find any body directly shouting the slogan that are anti national except from background, like Pakistan jindabad etc that of course would be anti national. I only fear of the video is doctored.I sincerely wish if the Govt & the police could be honest to find the facts & then act on it.