Saturday, February 20, 2016

General G D Bakshi Gets Emotional Over Tricolor Issue On The Newshour Debate (18th Feb 2016) & Smriti Irani calls Times Now to console crying Maj Gen GD Bakshi

General G D Bakshi Gets Emotional Over Tricolor Issue On The Newshour Debate (18th Feb 2016)

Smriti Irani calls Times Now to console crying Maj Gen GD Bakshi

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  1. i want to know people who raise anti india slogans people who raise pakistani flag on indian soil and people who attack army can these people join army navy air force and we should have a national debate on this topic and participants should be politicians bureaucrats defence forces bollywood and public these people anti nationals if they join armed forces what level of damage they can do should be analysed

  2. Mr. Thapar, I am amazed to hear the spokespersons of some one in the group stating that they have their own flag and so meaning there is no place for a national flag. the protocol is to fly the national flag and the regimental / other private flags of universities or any other Indian institution at a notch lower than the national flag.

  3. Mr Arnab, my apologies for misquoting your name as Mr. Thapar.

    Mr. Arnab is it possible for you to keep switching mechanism to keep a control over the panel.

  4. Soldiers retired or serving should desist from emoting in public. They are pillars of strength for the nation and cannot be seen to be soft.
    No call to wear patriotism on the sleeve or expressing it in words. Remaining a law abiding citizen and respecting the Constitution are good enough indicators of patriotism.

    Academic institutions should be exemplary in inculcating the virtues of respecting the national flag. Healthy politics in campus is welcome but radicalisation of students is dangerous and the teachers are responsible for preventing the same.

  5. Arnab, you chose a bunch of monkeys for this forum. They defenetly require a slap for being Indians and averse to rever the National Flag. We in the forces have many regimental/corps flags, but the Tri Colour National Flag with Ashoka Chakra flutters above them all. One elite member said that hoisting the flag is too ritualistic and can not be feasible to hoist daily. If there is reverence, then nothing is cumbersome.

  6. Raj Kumar Bhardwaj
    I watched above discussion with interest which should be called just Tamasha by a private TV channel to appease its masters in the Govt or it was a Arnab Tamasha who just allowed the person to speak to whom we likes others were shut. In the whole of discussion the anchor was taking the side of the Govt. No body from the opposite side was against the flag. But the question which was being raised by them was only about timing of the Govt order, which was never replied but Mr Arnab made noise just shouted to shut them, as if he was going to miss some award which he was about to be awarded for this. General Bakshi while speaking for the Army was referring again again to the sacrifices made by jawans. But in todays's setup who does not know what the officers think about likfe British Officers, the jawans, are used forst for the personal works only. They are treated like just personal servants by employing them as their Sewadars (Orderly previously)to clean their shoes (for whole of family), residences, clothing and even doing every thing like domestic servants, Had the officers been concerned about Jawans, the result of OROP would have been different. The maximum benefits have been given to the officersz, JCOs/OR got 300-200-100 even minus. Weeping in ful public view is also not good for a veteran officer. He is not a child TV anchor should allow every body to speak rather himself become a party in the discussion. Every body should have his/her point of vie presented.