Thursday, February 4, 2016


Dear Veterans,

OROP tables of 03 Feb 2016 vide Government letter released just last evening is in sync with what Hon'ble RM read out on 05 Sep '15. This was followed by Govt notification on 07 Nov '15. Accordingly, there is no change in Government stand and OROP tables now issued.

On initial look at the tables it seen that earlier the pension that was fixed at 33 years rank weightage i.e.for a Col-33-7=26 years. Therefore, anyone having less pensionable service less than 26 years service got correspondingly lesser pension  on pro rata basis. 

However, now a Col with 24 to 26.5 years service will get same pension ie. ₹ 34485/-. Next, a Col with 26 years service who had pension pegged at ₹ 27795/-, now goes upto 29.5 years service. This implies that a Col with more service will get more pension. Further, the difference in pension from Col to Lt Gen (Army Cdr) varies between ₹ 36130/- to ₹ 40000/- thus reducing the gap to below ₹4000/-. Post implementation of OROP tables, officers with 20 years pensionable service will get higher pension than what they are getting w.e.f. 24 Sep '12.  Pension will be constant for various ranks at various pensionable service i.e. For Cols - 29.5 years instead of 26 years earlier, Brig - 30.5 years instead of 28 years earlier, Maj Gens - 30 years no change and Lt Gen -  getting more till they reach 33 years pensionable service.  Brigs and Maj Gen will get same pension of ₹ 37275/- after putting in 30.5 years service. OROP pensions will encourage offices superseded in the rank of Lt Col i.e overlooked in their first promotion board, to serve till 26 years to qualify for pension of Colonel. The difference in pension between superseded Lt Col i.e. Col TS with 26 years service (₹ 34485/-) and Col getting overlooked at 29.5 and more years service (₹ 36130/-) is very minimal. There is no difference between pension of Col (TS) and Col (Selection Grade). There is no difference in pension of a Brig and Lt Gen (HAG+) if both of them put in 30.5 years' service ie. ₹37275/-. Lt Gen (HAG+) gets less pension if he quits at 30 years' service.

Apparently, the OROP for officers (non- med) is fairly okay, for Doctors it is 'सोने पे सुहागा', as pensioners from Lt Col to Lt Gen is same (they will get pension of almost Army Cdr). Pension of Doctors: 20 years service - ₹ 41513/-; 33 years service - ₹ 42500/-
As far as personnel below officer rank are concerned the fixation ie mean of minimum and maximum will not be as desired due to wide disparity in intra service and inter service promotion norms and variable trends within each service due to diverse trade structures. Hence, their tables will definitely require review and have to be strongly contested. For this hard negotiations is the answer.

My personal advise to all Armed Forces Veteran Organisations is to firstly get into details of OROP tables issued on 3 Feb '16 and get a team of experts Including legal luminaries) to prepare our case to resolve contentious issues especially in respect of JCO/OR.

Way ahead should be an amicable settlement of remaining issues through an atmosphere of cordiality rather than confrontation.

Finally, the Modi led Government and Honb'le RM deserve to be given due credit for having OROP in it's current form and I am confident that remaining issues will be ironed out to culminate on a positive note.

Jai Hind.

Col Ajit Singh Rana, Veteran.
Hi All,

I found the suggestions in the  mail  trail from Veteran Ajit Rana  as  sane  and workable.They deserve serious considerations from all Veteran orgs. We need more inputs from persons knowledgeable on the issue .I hope they come together here to iron out the problem in the OROP tables , put up now with due care. We all know how cussed the issue has been over the years and the team under Modi and Parrikar has done its best. This may not be perfect . But,  the issues out standing can be ironed out mutually or through the judge appointed for this very purpose.

 Col NK Balan, Vet

I dont see how Modi & Co. can be congratulated for picking up the DGL prepared during the Congress time, diluting it & claiming credit.

This seems to be the Modus operandi of Modi and can be called Modis operandii. He picks up a programme that was yet to be implemented, renames it and claims credit. Yes- he could have been thanked if he had picked up the DGL of Apr 2014 and improved upon it.

In plain and clear terms Modi has made a Charlie out of us.

Now it should be pay back time. They are least bothered if you squander your money on court cases. Their false affidavits and tareekh pe tareekh strategy will just about ensure that the arrears go back to their coffers. As far as we get off their back they are happy. 

The only way to make him pay for the deceit is to make him lose the forthcoming elections in as many states as possible. This will ensure that even (by a remote chance) if he returns in 2019 it wont be with this majority & he will be humbled to stop fibbing.

Modi sure conned me in 2014.



(Source- Via Gp e-mail)


  1. Dear sirs,

    MODI government has cheated us by not issuing the order for OROP as accepted by both UPA and NDA, MODI is number one cheat, nothing to worry about it, how long they remain in power for the period of another three years only, later on they have to face election, the first opponent is in respect of ex jawans and in service jawans that is MODI government, let us fight democratically, we have started the anti MODI campaign in tamil nadu, even a single seat he is not able to win in tamil nadu

    1. Agreed, BJP should be taught a lesson but in whose favour --- there is the greatest cheat and corrupt party, the root cause of the degraded defense services, currently led by the greatest stupid fool alive in India and the second one who should be dumped at the first opportunity along with all his team under the heap of waste dump lying all over the great capital city of Delhi. Now consider rest of the thugs .. from Northern states to the the gangetic plains of UP and Bihar to the eastern states. western, central or southern parties..... Choose from the lesser of the evil and share your choice.

  2. Fine veteran Menon sir, but then what do we gain? Regards.

  3. The formula applied to prepare the year wise pension table of JCOs OR separately for X and Y group starting from the year of service from 1 to 40 was found kept a secret. The formula applied for calculation of pension is different for same rank with same service and between X and Y. For a Sep of X group pension was indicated from starting to end as one and the same where as Y group there are changes.Like wise bunching was found reflected with out and any similarity. In some cases difference in pension between X and Y group is 200 to 500,in some cases 500 to 800,in some cases 800 to 1000 ,in some cases 1000 to 1200 and in some cases 1200 to 1400 and above. The difference in the pension between X and Y group Sub Maj up to completed year of serive 26 is about 500 to 600 where on on completion of 30 years service it increase up to 1400 and above. I think the weightage of service added to each rank for calculation pension is abolished wef 1.1.2006 and pension will be calculated based on the half of the pay last drawn. As a rule pay band for JCOs ie Nb/Sub,Sub and Sub Maj are equalfor both the X and y ie 9300_34800,grade pay for Nb Sub is 4200,for Sub 4600 and Sub Maj 4800 and MSP admissible to JCOs is 2000 with out and change.Herethe is difference is only X group pay of 1400 admissible to X group. In that case defference in the pension between X and Y group should have been restricted to 700 only. Some additional increase in the pension for X group exist in revised OROP table. IT IS NOT A ONE RANK ONE PENSION TABLE. IN MOST OF THE CASE JUNIORS BELONGS TO X GROUP ARE ENTITLED FOR MORE PENSION THAN THEIR SENIOR COUNTERPARTS OF THREE SERVICES. IT IS NEITHER ONE RANK WITH SAME SERVICE NOR EQUAL PENSION AS GROUP LESS. IT IS PENSION FOR DIFFERENT PENSION FOR DIFFERENT GROUP AND SAME SERVICE FOR DIFFERENT PENSION AND DIFFERENT METHODE FOR DIFFERENT BUNCHING SYSTEM FOR SAME YEARS OF SERIVICE. AFTER A TIDIOUS WORK BY A EXPERT TEAM OF HIGHLY QUALIFIED SENIOR OFFICERS AND ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENTS JOINTLY WORKED FOR ALL MOST 2 YEARS SINCE FEB 2014 AND THE RESULT IS THE NON ACCEPTABLE PENSION TABLE. Thanks for good work. In my opinion the word OROP should be removed from the govt notification.

  4. We keep comparing the pensions of senior officers, why nobody speaks about the PBOR and their family pensions? It is a deplorable attitude which requires correction at senior levels.

  5. Total cheatig work done for jco/ ors . There is no unique formula. It canot be called an OROP. It is simple an improvement in tbe pension, like earlier UPA govt. given and advertised as OROP in all the media channels. All the jco/ ors are cheated again this time also.

  6. PBOR r given Rs 50/- increase in OROP in two figure which PBOR do not deserve and Officers r given 8000 to 20000/- increase even asking more and raising their own points and rounding off the points of PBOR . Anyhow BPL will remain forever BPL. Thanx God no one bother about PBOR. Selfish too much for own benefit and not raising for PBOR .

  7. I am a JWO retired this OROP is only for officers Rs 67 difference after serving nation for 34 years and 8 months for no fault of mine I was not promoted due to shortage of vacancies. My email is if any officer or jco or has an answer pls reply