Friday, February 19, 2016


Somabhai Modi reached my residence at sharp 11 o’clock on January 3. The visit was pre-decided. Somabhai is the elder brother of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi but there seemed no sense of arrogance on his face. We discussed various things for almost one and half hours. In our discussion, he said, “Yes, it is true that I am an elder brother of Narendrabhai but not of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.”

I asked Somabhai “Have you ever visited Prime Minister’s residence at 7 Race Course Road?” 

The answer was memorable, “No Gunvantbhai…if I go to my brother’s home, he has to spend atleast 15-20 minutes with me but I don’t want to take this time which will be a loss for the nation.”

I wish, Kantibhai (son of Morarji Desai) and Robert Vadra (Son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi) could have shown such gesture!

Somabhai told me, “Till today, no one from my family, our mother or brothers, have visited PM’s residence.”

Is it a small thing? In many cases, relatives have been proved a reason behind politician’s fall. On the other hand, Somabhai has never even thought of taking advantage of his brother’s position.

I requested him to share a memorable moment where Narendrabhai showed what he is made off and he shared the following event:

When Narendrabhai was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, one day he came to my home. At that time, my son Jitendra was in the last year of engineering. Narendrabhai asked him some questions.

Narendrabhai: How are your studies going?

Jitendra: I will get a BE degree next year.

Narendrabhai: What will you do after that?

Jitendra: Will you help me to get the job? (Narendrabhai didn’t reply)

Jitendra: If I can get some financial assistance…

Narendrabhai: Has anybody helped your uncle? You should move up in life on your own!

This is a rare incident in Indian political history where the Prime Minister or The Chief Minister keeps such a distance from his family members. The leader’s lack of attachment maybe understood somehow, but can we imagine the same approach from his family members too?

Somabhai never mentions about Narendrabhai while meeting other people. This kind of approach of elder brother is also worth applauding. 

Even after 20 months, the mother of India’s Prime Minister has not visited the residence of his son in Delhi. 

In contrast, I have seen many saints who maintain relationships with their family members.

I was speechless when he left. I salute the mother of such a son.

(Translation of Gunvant Shah’s article in Chitralekha Magazine)

(Source- Via e-mail from Col NK Balakrishnan (Retd)

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  1. Right conduct for a public servent. Kudos to Modi and his family.