Monday, February 8, 2016

OROP - First instalment by March end : Defence Minister

Retired military personnel can expect to receive their first tranche of enhanced pension as per the government's new one-rank-one-pension (OROP) scheme before March 31, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Sunday.
Retired military personnel can expect to receive their first tranche of enhanced pension as per the government’s new one-rank-one-pension(OROP)scheme before 31 Mar 16, D M Manohar Parrikar said on Sunday.

“Arrears would be paid in four instalments in every quarter. The first instalment, which will cost about Rs 3,700 crore in total, would be given before March 31,” Parrikar said here on the sidelines of the International Fleet Review, 2016.

The family pensioners and recipients of gallantry awards will be paid their arrears in one instalment.  Almost 18 lakh retired soldiers and several lakhs of widows are expected to benefit from the new pension package.

As the scheme is being implemented from July 1, 2014, total arrears up to December 31, 2015 would be in the tune of Rs 10,980 crore. The government issued pension calculation tables for each rank earlier this month.

According to the Defence Ministry’s calculation, implementing the OROP scheme would cost the exchequer Rs 7,483 crore every year.

“It is 15 times more than what the UPA government had provided in its budget (Rs 500 crore). OROP was a promise of the BJP and the prime minister. To the best of my understanding, we fulfilled it after 43 years,” he said.

A section of the ex-servicemen, who were agitating against the government’s version of the OROP, however, rejected the tables and threatened to exercise legal action.

“We unanimously reject the tables as it does not remove any of the anomalies pointed out by the ex-servicemen. It short charges widows, battle casualties and the ranks of havildar, subedar and subedar major,” said Col Anil Kaul (rtd), one of the veterans protesting against the OROP.On the protests, Parrikar said these were minor issues raised by few people from the retired community, who can have a dialogue with the government to resolve them.

As much as 86 per cent of the total expenditure on account of OROP will benefit the junior commissioner officers and other ranks, said a Defence Ministry spokesperson.

The total increase in the defence budget for pensions is estimated to go up from Rs 54,000 crore (budgetary estimate 2015-16) to around Rs 65,000 crore (proposed in 2016-17), thereby increasing the defence pension outlay by about 20 per cent.

Asked about the anomalies in the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations, Parrikar said he met the Service Chiefs and sought a report analysing the concerns, which would be addressed. 

One of the key concerns of the military is lowering of the hardship allowance as the Seventh Pay Commission recommended higher “risk allowance” for IAS and IPS officers posted in Guwahati than the Army officers posted in Siachen glacier, the world’s highest battlefield.

(Source- Deccan Herald)


  1. As much as 14 percent of amount is going to be paid to just 3% people. Where as Govt. Spokesperson give much emphasis on 97% jco/or getting 84%. Why this sort of play with words. Now every one knows who is going to get how much. Authorities in power try to twist the issue. Are JCO/OR that much ignorant. In real terms OROP is basically meant for JCO/ORs community. The concept was hijacked by elite group of armed forces retirees and took giant share of 14% for just 3% people. Govinda! Govinda! JCOs and ORs Govinda!

    1. That is how the pay scales are made. The 6th CPC max:min ratio stands at 12:1. With that it is reasonable distribution.

  2. Rightly said then they compare with IAS.

  3. Gloating over the implementation of the OROP must be stopped by the government. Can they sit and reexamine the mistakes that have crept in?

  4. Still look at the attitude of the concerned who posted several comments like Lt Col (TS) major ts this and that this should have been that should have been and so on. Reading such comments from recipients of pension like class I salary. there is no words to express anything feels ridiculous.

  5. I am Ex Warrant Officer with 21 years qualified service in then Gp II of Indian Air Force. I am very Happy whatever the Government is paying us under hard pressed exchequer that too when I am not doing any thing in return.I feel every one who takes retirement completing 30 years of service is doing so voluntarily to settle in some other gainful job/business, therefore we must stop grumbling and also stop agitating and co operate our Government.

  6. Government every move towards OROP is appreciable. But why they are delaying the 2nd installment of OROP????And why there is no increment of pension after they have increased salary (7th pay comm effects) for the central government employees. And there is neither any words from the spokes person of the government's end till now. So depressing factors for the ex-armed forces peoples.

  7. Dear Sir, as per the notification we know that the arrears of OROP will be given in four instalments.Now please clearify one confussion that if the pensioner dies after getting one instalment, then the family will get the rest three instalment in one go or not?