Friday, February 5, 2016


Dear All, Good Morning.

Again one more setback for Defence Personnel. Now we should not allow our wards to Join defence Forces as the Netas and Babus, want to save the nation, so let them save it from other countries like Pak and China by going to wars themselves. They only know how to cheat the faujis. 

But again what all the three chiefs are doing? Why they are keeping mum on the issue? The Chiefs will get their OROP booty automatically so why they will bothered for below ranks. Honorable PM can donate crores to other countries but can't give to Soldiers of the nation. One more proof of humiliation of Faujis.

Why not to stop recruiting the Defence Forces if the cost is so pinching to the people and netas. Then how they have made Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar patel etc the great personalities?. Who fought for the freedom of India and who are well known stars? But who is maintaining this freedom? Only these faujis for whom no one is bothering to pay something. Even Rs 7500/- crore is just nothing to keep the nation free. If the country can't pay price for freedom then it has no right to be free. 

Abolish the Army and let the Netas ,Babus go on War who are crying and opposing the OROP. They should keep themselves ready for war. Do they Dare to do so?

How it was decided by MOD that Widow of Subedar QS-28 Years, now getting -Rs.7182/- gets OROP -Rs.7361/-, i.e.Rs.179/- difference. It is surprising that the Army recommendation was - Rs.9000/- for Widow of Subedar. She now gets 0.099 of recommendation. And what would be the sepoy widow will get??

Media is biased but not the social media Snapshot of twitter. 

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Kesavan Nair Sree Kumar  wrote:

Dear Sirs,

As an Indian Citizen and Ex Serviceman I wish to say that the Congress Govt issued the approved definition of One Rank One Pension table as per Koshiyari Committee in the month of Apr 2014. But the present  NDA/BJP Govnt has totally changed the entire definition of OROP and issued the most diluted version of OROP ever seen in my life. Also it is one of the most useless Pension Table to Widows and Ex Servicemen including to Disabled community which result bad image to NDA Govt.

Also we can prove that NDA Government especially Mr Arun jaitley has played foul game with the help of CGDA New Delhi and PCDA Allahabad for preparation of most useless pension table for be-fooling entire Ex Serviceman and cheating their families. The existing Govt is good for nothing repeat Good for nothing to Common, poor and Indian Armed Forces but at the same time PRO of MOD has given maximum publicity through various medias on resolving of OROP issue with hiding actual truth of OROP issue in front of public of Nation.

I therefore request all Ex Servicemen Associations to take up this issue with Raksha Manthri/Rajya Raksha Manthri and the Prime minister including the forthcoming Finance Minister after reshuffling of Cabinet in Mar 2016.

At the same time, please request our Prime Minister not to appoint Shri Arun Jaitley as Defence Minister after reshuffling the Cabinet in Mar 2016, since he is presently holding the post of Finance Minister, and there is no use at all.

Please strive hard to resolve the issue at the earliest 

    With Regards

    SreeKumar KK

(Source- Via Gp e-mail from Chander Prakash)


  1. Instead of mute protest at Jantar Mantar the IESM must strive to get these anomalies with proper discussion with the judicial committee, or else the case must be referred to the SC. Change the strategy at the earliest for the good of the ESM.

  2. As per circular 555 enhancement, the JCO cadre has not been effected. However now the XY group can be lifted and implement the real OROP among them at any time from a prospective date.

  3. Now that the PCDA Circular 555 is in hand, we can see how the Koshiyari committee report has been diluted step by step at every stage in the last 240 days. Every one started their own ingenuity and incorporated their own version of OROP. The DESW and the Circular 555 are with new clauses incorporated in the later, and the farmer was drafted with no thought to the other PCDA Circulars of the past. The DESW made the charts by cooking up the figures at the will of the section officers and babus. Over all this, the PM and the DM are gloating over it as an achievement by their government. It is time to give Padma awards to all who participated in formulating the OROP tables saving the government a bug chunk of public funds. The veterans are left to their usual plight high and dry.