Thursday, February 18, 2016

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Many correct thinking people feel that the present troubles at JNU have been cooked up by the ( extreme ?) Left parties and the Pak supporting anti nationals. I am sure there is enough reasons for it. I will like to amplify two issues here :-

-Even while supporting freedom of expression , most of us can't tolerate anti national sentiments being propagated openly. So, the students are free to criticise BJP/Modi. But, they can't call for the seperation of Kashmir from the Nation or call for the destruction of India.That calls for sedition charges.

-JNU , as a central Univ ,  has been enjoying privileges disproportionate to the edn stds available in the rest of India. Their tution fees and hostel fees are heavily subsidised , while the teachers to students ratio is way above the national average. 

In short , the JNU students are getting the cream at the cost of the rest of us. So, we have a moral right to demand that no anti national activities are supported at that Univ. 

It shows , in addition to every thing else, ungratefulness. If any student or faculty indulges in anti India activities, they should be prosecuted for sedition and given the max permissible punishments as per the laws of the land. No leniency to be shown to the guilty here !.

I am att a joke which I recd from a friend recently  and which  is relevant here. 

The parrots here are the seditious students/faculty of JNU.


On JNU protest...worth reading

One day in Soviet Russia, a parrot flies over a village squawking loudly: 'The Soviet Union is shit! Death to the Communist Party!'. 

The KGB is rapidly informed, and they start to investigate who owns a parrot in the area. They find out that there is only one parrot owner in the area, so they go and knock on his door.

KGB agents: Hi, do you own a parrot? 
Man: Yes I do. 
KGB agents: Could we see it? 
Man: Certainly, please come in.

They walk in and follow the man to the kitchen. 
He takes his parrot out of the freezer. 
The parrot is shivering but still alive.

The startled KGB agents ask: Parrot, what are your views on communism and the Soviet Union? 
The parrot answers: Long live the Soviet Union, long live the Communist Party!

The KGB agents do not quite know what to make of the fact that the man kept the parrot in the freezer, but since it says nothing controversial they decide to leave it at that.

Once they're gone, the man turns to his parrot and says: One day in Siberia and you have changed your tune Comrade.....!

Let us put our parrots in the glacier! (Siachin)

(Source- Via e-mail from Col  NK Balakrishnan (Retd)

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  1. sir i want to know that these people who raise anti india slogans can they join army and navy and air force and this is my interpretation of your story and the main theme was found missing and people who change loyaltyin armed forces are anti force multipliers first we have to clean ourselveves and go for new weapon systemand sir pl get us military service pay wef2006 to 2008 regards col tomar