Monday, February 29, 2016

Pronunciation Of Om - Amazing Health Benefits Of Om Mantra - How To Chant The Om Mantra

Do you know why Hindus chant the OM mantra?

In this video,you know how is the pronunciation of OM,what are health benefits of OM mantra 

- Video attached, 1min 30 sec. 

Om.... This highly mystical word is narrowly perceived to be of strictly Hindu religious significance. But if we look deeply into the hidden science behind this sound, the universality of this sound will be appreciated.

The word or mantra OM is said to have three important vowels in it, namely A, U, M. It has been proved scientifically that uttering this mantra energizes the whole body.

Lets experiment and see how this happens.

By chanting 'A', the lower lobe region is activated, which in turn affects the lower part of the body starting from the stomach.

By chanting 'U', the mid region of the lobe is activated, which energizes the chest region, or the mid region of the body, till the neck.

By chanting 'M', the upper lobe is energized, vibrating the entire face region including the skull.

Also, proper pronunciation of 'OM' helps in inhaling maximal amount of oxygen, which is essential for a healthy body and harmonious mind.

OM is believed to be the core sound of the Universe. It is the sound of silence. 

When the thought process slows down and a passive awareness exists, a soundless sound is heard, which the sages symbolically represented as OM.

Ancient and modern mystics say that the sound of OM is like one hand clapping.

So, the daily chanting of OM has a lot of spiritual significance, besides rejuvenating the body and aiding the mind to function efficiently.

(Source Via e-mail from   YR Raghavan, Veteran)

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