Monday, February 29, 2016

One Rank One Pension Anomalies – One member Judicial Committee will submit its report in six months

Defence Minister in a reply to parliament said that the One member Judicial Committee will submit its report insix months

OROP anomalies submitted to one man judicial commission

One member Judicial Committee has been appointed on 14.12.2015 to look into the anomalies arising out of implementation of OROP. The Judicial Committee will submit its report in six months – Defence Minister Detailed instructions along with OROP tables on implementation of OROP have been issued on 3.2.2016. Considering the requirement for implementation of “One Rank One Pension”, the expenditure ceiling for Defence Pensions in BE 2016-2017 has been increased from Rs.69,876 crores to Rs.82,332.66 crores. Government has received representations from various Ex-Servicemen Associations and beneficiaries regarding anomalies and their dissatisfaction with the order of OROP scheme.

One member Judicial Committee has been appointed on 14.12.2015 to look into the anomalies arising out of implementation of OROP. The Judicial Committee will submit its report in six months.
The following instructions have been issued to Pension Disbursing Agencies(PDAs) for effective implementation of OROP:
• The arrears on account of revision of pension from 01.07.2014 be paid in four equal half yearly instalments. However, family pensioners including those in receipt of Special/Liberalized family pension and all Gallantry
award winners shall be paid arrears in one instalment.
• Any required information, if not available in record may be referred to Pension Sanctioning Authority(PSA) concerned who will provide the requisite information from the available records within 15 days to the PDAs.
• In case of any doubt, PDA may immediately take up the matter with nodal officers of respective PSAs, the details of which shall be notified by Pr. CDA(P) Allahabad in their implementation instructions.
This information was given by Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Shri Devajibhai G Fatepara and others in Lok Sabha today.
(Source: PIB via e-mail from JWO Mukesh Veteran)


  1. Govt. Seems hellbent on orop till OMJC report submitted which clrly hints at no msg 2 d veterans, diluted orop rules d day, let vets at JM cry! Time 4 us to seek justice?

  2. Officers again due for arrears Rs.4 to 5 lakhs and PBOR have not yet received arrears 4 to 5 thousand yet in the Modi Raj. What a good Governance.

  3. It seems Modi Govt is only for officers. Their pension arrears is like a King where's Jawan are like begger

  4. I was superannuated on 31-03-12 in the age of 39 years only as a Sub Maj,Service rendered 18 years 1 month. OROP benefits ZERO.Those who retired in early age they really eligible for OROP benefits,but ground reality is different.pls help us.

  5. Ill advised again some compromised brass salivating for personal gain , ambition and political leaning led the gullible veteren community on march from Raj Ghat to Janter Manter.
    For short term gain of possible OROP and some frills we have sullied our neutral image.

  6. Chetwode motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keeping self before subordinate.where was the conscience of top military echelons when they demanded following for themselves and not pbors
    1.rank pay for them not for pbors
    2.time scale promotion in 13 yrs to Lt col I.e.4rth rank for offers and not 4rth rank for pbors I.e. nb sub in 13 yes
    3.uniform pay scales for offers barring few additional pay for AMC RVC but not for not the same for pbors
    4.offers demanding parity with IAS/IPS whereas pbors craving for the same within themselves offr retires today below t Lt col but majority of pbors do it so even after 24 yes of service
    6.Pbors jut got peanuts in prop whereas offers a handsome bounty
    For these inherent anomalies for pbors who were accountable to?? MOD?? B.crafts??or our own military top echelons.a result of this neglect can be seen as a massive disparity in pbors pension least this is high time to take these issues of pbors to the concerned authorities

  7. Government can't claim that this OROP is for everyone. Atleast I have got no benefit from this OROP. I retired in 2010 and the benefit is zero.

  8. 1. Sir, as per Govt of India Min of Defence Department of Ex Servicemen welfare letter No 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Policy)-Part II dated 03 Feb 2016 the rates of revised pension are to be implemented with efffect from 01 Jul 2014 and pension of those who are in receipt of pension as on 01 Jul 2014 is to be revised in accordance of the pension tables annexed to the ibid letter. However, there is nothing mentioned about the revision of pension of those defence personal who retired after 01.07.2014. Please clarify this aspect. Further, a JCO retired on or before 01 Jul 2014 after rendering 30 years service in gp Y was granted basic pension of Rs 11970/- as per 6th CPC and his basic pension under OROP scheme is to be revised as Rs 12690/-. The same way a JCO of similar rank and service retired after 01 jul 2014 was also granted basic pension of Rs 11970/- but their pension has not been revised under OROP scheme. Thus not revising the pension of those who retired after 01 Jul 2014 is injustice with them. Please clarify this issue.