Sunday, February 7, 2016

Have met armed forces chiefs on pay commission concerns, addressing issues: Manohar Parrikar

On OROP, the minister said that the BJP government has fulfilled its pre election promise to the 'best of our understanding of the issue'.
On OROP, the minister said that the BJP government has fulfilled its pre election promise to the 'best of our understanding of the issue'.

VISHAKHAPATNAM : Defence Minister
Manohar Parrikar has promised to address concerns raised by the three armed forces chiefs on recent pay recommendations, saying that the issue is being addressed with the relevant authorities even as he took on the UPA government for not fulfilling the one rank one pension (OROP) demand of veterans. 

Parrikar, who was approached by the three chiefs last month on concerns that the seventh pay commission recommendations give a raw deal to the armed forces, also shared that revised pensions after the implementation of the OROP scheme have been disbursed. 

"I have interacted with the three service chiefs (on issues on the pay commission) and we have asked all concerned to analyse the recommendations vis a vis the concerns raised. The concerns will be addressed," the minister said, speaking for the first time on the issue that has caused strong resentment within the forces. 

On OROP, the minister said that the BJP government has fulfilled its pre election promise to the 'best of our understanding of the issue'. He also took a shot at the UPA government, saying that its allocation for the scheme was not adequate for implementation. 

"OROP was an issue that was fulfilled for 45 years. A Rs 500 crore assurance was given (by UPA). Final tables released will cost Rs 7483 cr per years. Therefore the amount which has finally been given is almost 15 times of what was kept by the UPA government," the minister said. 

On protests still on by a certain section of veterans who feel the OROP announcements have not been fully met, Parrikar said that the one man commission appointed by the ministry would address remaining issues. 

"The retired community is huge and a common formula cannot solve all their problems. If there are any issues, these can be raised and sent to the one man commission and we can come out with a solution," the defence minister said.

(Source- Economic Times


  1. Dear sir,
    MR MODI is number one bluff master, his master voice is parikkar, the UPA GOVERNMENT bridged the gap by giving 5000 rupees, on the other hand BJP , the ungrateful government has given only 1663 rupees as if it is alms thrown at us and boasts themselves that they have fulfilled their pre poll promises very shameful thing, let us wait for another three years

  2. Sir The Hon Defence Minister we the Veterans are not interested in the party politics of the U P A and N DA. We are interested in what Defence minister of Govt OF India ( OUR REPEAT OUR) Defence minister has donefor us . The ex servicemen community and the defence forces have been cheated by every Govt since independence. We have been reduced to second class citizen . We do agree the Congress played its game but the damage what has been done to the services by the present N DA govt is no less. Wise thing would have been for the N D A govt to resolve the issue of O R O P as soon as it came to power, on priority basis. The advisers to the Govt on this issue of O R O P has not lost any thing but it is the Govt and the services have lot immensely. The Controversy and agitation by the veterans for the last eight months will have functional problems in the defence forces in future. The defence forces have been treated as any Govt employee of nine to five work culture without realizing that the defnce forces work 24x 07x 365 basis. I hope people know that even in peace stations if some one out of the unit lines in the stations, a serviceman has to inform his superior authorities so that if mobilasation takes place he is there to move with his unit within six hours.Does any gov employee in India informs his office about his where about once he leaves his office at five sharp in the evening? Same goes when moblisation takes place a serviceman while on leave is suppose to join his unit on hearing the news of mobilization. Has"nt a serviceman been denied his fundamental rights which a citizen enjoyed in India. There are many many such issues which make the life of a serviceman rather unique and difficult which cannot be compared with any other employee of the Govt of any status. we have to understand the ethos and the functioning of services before we compare them with others. In fact they are uncomparable. It must be understood that having standing Army is not an industry which is production oriented and adds the Govt kitty. It is a costly hobby for a nation to have a standing ARMY. The first person who should understand is our own honble defence minister, irrespective of political party.

  3. Mr Parrikar qualified himself that the OROP has been implemented to his best of his and defence ministry's knowledge. All the figures are not worked out with the actual figures. Can he explain how he arrived at the pension of a Lt Col with 0.5 years QS service? The simple Koshyari Commission definition is complicated and figures were cooked up at their own will. Had they involved the ESM representatives in the process of making these tables all confusion and dissatisfaction could have minimised. Dictatorial attitude spoiled the entire broth.

  4. The seventh CPC matrix accounts the increments to arrive at the final pension which will create problems for the past pensioners. For example the Major now become Lt Col on completing 7 years service and the Lt Col get promoted at 13 years. How will the number of increments of past Majors and Lt Col be counted as they got their promotions at 13/20 years? Has the PCDA geared up to identify each and every pensioner's increments taking account the period he retired?

  5. The three Chiefs must be true to their men/ExServiceMen and their welfare while discussing the 7CPC recommendations and the corrections needed. Pension norms must be streamlined to reduce ambiguity where in logic reduces the pensions due. Certain allowances with risk element attached must be same for all the personnel in combat role, differentiation between officers and PBOR a must be totally shunned. The PBOR must be treated as a fully skilled men and must be paid accordingly in the scales of PB2 of the 6CPC scales. The PBOR pension must be brought up to the pre 3CPC levels with mediate effect, say 75% of the last pay drawn. Unless the Chiefs fight for these, they will be digressing from the Chetwode Motto for offices with which they were baptised in to the Forces.

  6. Mr Parrikkar must develop EMPATHY with the soldiers who are the backbone of India's security. If not he will be equal to other ministers who waste away a tenure with mundane party work rather than service to the Nation. He is blessed to command a sacred service and must not waste it away as he is doing presently.

  7. Yeh Tables XXX RUM pikar banayai gai hai.