Friday, February 26, 2016


1. The cheapest commodity in India is the soldier's life

2. The only item which doesn't freeze in sub zero temperatures and continues working - the Indian soldier

3. The only item which doesn't get fried in 50 degrees centigrade heat & continues to work perfectly - the Indian soldier 

4. The fastest, the fiercest, the best & also the lowest paid Indian in the sky - the IAF pilot

5. Protectors of the Indian shoreline at the lowest cost - the Indian Navy

6. Always at your service when you are in trouble - floods, earthquake, riots, agitations - Indian Armed Forces

7. Immediately forgotten after your job is done - Indian Armed Forces

8. The most downgraded item for every successive Pay Commission - Indian Armed Forces

(Source- Via e-mail from  Brig V A Subramanyam (Retd)


  1. In summing up you should have said, "use and throw mentality" persists in case of the Armed Force's men in our country.

  2. Sir, The point 3 is apt and must be noted. One tenure at Ganga Nagar at temperatures above +50 degrees centigrade followed by posting to Siachen heights where it goes down to -50. In the East this commodity is exposed to the most wet condition, in Navy it operates in great depths and in Army and Air Force it can operate at altitudes unimaginable. What an efficient and reliable instrument which is cheaper than the cheapest mobile phone. In death too it inspires others.

  3. It is truth but bitter truth. It is bad luck and curse being veterans in India under such government and the administration.