Monday, October 3, 2016

Ex-servicemen to get full pension as service limit goes

Updated: October 3, 2016 09:31 IST 

The three services refused to implement the pay panel award till the ‘anomalies’ were removed. 

After years of dithering, the Centre has finally acted on its promise of One-Rank, One-Pension (OROP).

In a September 30 letter addressed to the Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force, the Ministry of Personnel informed them about the notification on pension benefits as recommended by the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC).

The three services had earlier decided not to implement the Seventh CPC award till the Narendra Modi government rectified what they had termed as ‘anomalies.’

Disability pension

While the defence personnel had every reason to be pleased with the latest decision on pension awards, there were murmurs of protest over the reluctance of the Centre to re-visit the recommendations on disability pension. Prior to the latest notification, all the ex-servicemen who were re-employed and retired from Central Government Departments (like Central Excise, Customs, Income Tax, Railways, Postal, Telecom, AIR, Doordarshan etc.) were paid pro-rata pension with 33 years’ service required for full pension.

Most of the ex-servicemen re-employed were retiring before completing 33 years. Therefore all these personnel were paid pro-rata pension. However, all that changed after a Supreme Court judgment earlier in the year.

The OROP issue became a major bone of contention in 2015 between the defence personnel and the Modi government with the former charging it of backtracking on its 2014 general election manifesto promise.

Arrears payment

As a result of the notification, OROP stands implemented with effect from December 2015 and beneficiaries would be paid arrears in the next few months. In short, the revised consolidated pension and family pension of pre-2006 armed forces pensioners shall not be less than 50 and 30 per cent of the minimum in the pay of the rank.

An example of how it would translate into reality in the case of a Colonel with 33 years of service shows that the pension would be Rs. 92,854 per month. Arrears from January to June would be Rs. 69,370 per month and from July to October Rs. 35,371 and total arrears would be Rs. 104741.


  1. "Arrears from January to June would be Rs. 69,370 per month and from July to October Rs. 35,371 and total arrears would be Rs. 104741"......sir, why Rs69,370 per month is mentioned while Rs 35,371 not mentioned any thing. Some error may be. As for as pbor, we are already paid at 50% wef24.9.2012 and as far as arrears from 01.01.2006 to 23.09.2012, we are yet to be paid. Then, why there is a mentioning in this posting particularly about wef 01.01.2016? Kindly clarify. Thanks.

  2. You say "As for as pbor, we are already paid at 50% wef 24.9.2012" .Please read carefully before you post something .Since when you got 50% of your LPD gentleman?

  3. I am not happy with all the comments
    What about disability pension. Will his nok get after his death
    Is she not entitled for that. Any way I am going to file a WP in the High court. Let me see the outcome.

  4. Arrear of 69 K per month? Pl check

  5. With regard to disability pension mentioned above, it is only mentioned about reemployment. What about others. I am confident this will not be published.

  6. Many in the civilian circles are under the wrong impression that this delinking applies to OROP scales as amended by the 7CPC. That wrong interpretation gives heart burn and they must realize that this applies to 6CPC scales and Arrears are for the period 01-01-2006 till 30 Jun 2014, a day preceding implementation of the OROP.

  7. @renganathansri51, kindly read the posting @ManoharanAM. That gives the clarification for my posting.

  8. Sirs, DL-33. Am I correct in understanding that any veteran irrespective of one's length of service, the individual is supposed to get the pension of 33 years entitlement ? If so, can anyone give the table of pension for each rank's entitlement.

  9. It means 2.57 of orop or pension as on 31 Dec 2015? Can anyone clarify it.

  10. Arrears is not paid every month.It is one time payment.

  11. This write-up with that heading in "HINDU" is distorted and false.DL-33 and OROP are two different issues.
    DL-33,as phrase ref , is about pen from 1.1.2006 post 6 cpc .pen at 50% of pay on retirement and dispensation of earlier 33 yrs clause .this 50% for civil service is after 20 yrs Svc.for mily it naturally starts with min of 15 yrs svc.
    In this processes of revisions,civil service employees have a gain of 13/33 multi for mily , by not factoring weightage element of 12/10/8/5 yrs( for different rks)- mily lost amounts of pensions by that factor of 12/10/8/5÷33 ,after these pen sions as per rev tables of DESW and being published be PCDA (pen).
    Resulting loss & gain - disparity - down gradation over civil service employees incl police is visible.
    Veterans , associations ,bloggers may add or delete figs and work out more accurately.
    This is where max of pay instead min of pay in pb for mily should have been taken to compensate for loss due to weightage factor that existed from 1973 to 2006.
    More ideas or interpretations are welcome .