Wednesday, October 5, 2016


1. During joint interaction between Army, PCDA (P) and Public Sector Banks in connection with simplification of pension procedures and pro-active resolution of pensions anomalies, it was reported by banks that they are not in a position to calculate and disburse correct pension entitlements to large No of pensioners due to absence of important data affecting entitlements of Pensions (Pay Group and Qualifying Service). To rectify this anomaly for once and all, the AG’s Branch collected the database of over 15 lakhs pensioners from PCDA (P) and carried out detailed scrutiny thereof. 

2. During above exercise it was noticed that important data like Qualifying Service, Pay Group and Date of Birth are missing in respect of more than one lakh pensioners. The matter was taken up by AG’s Branch with Office the CGDA. It was decided with Office of the CGDA that the missing data will be provided to PCDA (P) in the form of Special LPC-Cum-Data sheets specifically introduced for the purpose. 

3. Accordingly a special drive was undertaken during which the Record Offices have already provided more than 88,000 special LPCs to PCDA (P). Over 50 clerks were attached in PCDA (P) in the last six months to sift out the special LPCs, and assist in issue of corrigendum PPOs. 67,892 Corrigendum PPOs incorporating missing details have been printed against following Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDAs) : - 

(a) Public Sector Banks - 26,002 
(b) DPDOs - 11,401 
(c) Govt Treasuries - 1,381 
(d) Indian Embassy Kathmandu - 25,601 
(e) Miscellaneous - 2,271 4. 

An analysis of revised PPOs indicates an upward revision of pension in respect of large No of pensioners and it is expected that this special drive will accrue arrears of over 125 crores rupees to affected pensioners. 

Beside increase of existing pension with arrears, this upward revision will also benefit the pensioners during calculation of revised pension for OROP and any future revision. 

Liaison is being carried out with PDAs to ensure that arrears are credited and pensions revised at the earliest. 

A copy of the corrigendum PPOs is also being dispatched to the pensions at the last recorded addresses



  1. Sir
    Thank you so much, for the latest information to all of us.

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  2. Sir several times the pay parity indicated regarding the pension basic in OROP table 7&9, same grade same Rank Same service in table 7 is getting less pension then table 9 why this pay parity in orop table 7 .pl check Orop table 7 and must be equal basic pension as it is in orop table 9. pl check these both table and justify it. but still nothing to improve in this case for regular Army subadars pension, it is a very bad de gradation.and demoralise the subadars in the regular army. Pl look in to this case. Thank u