Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Defence veterans reject Centre's OROP, may seek legal recourse

Posted on: 10:22 AM IST Feb 09, 2016

Priyanka Rathi IBNLIVE.COM
New Delhi: Defence veterans have refused to budge down from their demand of One Rank One Pension, the eight-month long protest at Jantar Mantar in the national capital will continue and even see a legal battle.
Terming the Narendra Modi government's recent proposal on OROP just an increment, the veterans have rejected it outrightly adding that they felt cheated and betrayed. "It was completely illogical and wrong. It is just an increment in pension and is nowhere near OROP. We will continue with our protest as it is not about money but for our pride. We want the OROP that is being sanctioned," said Major General Satbir Singh (retired), chairman of Indian Ex-servicemen Movement.
The One Rank One Pension system means a retired soldier of the same rank and same length of service will get the same pension regardless of when the person retires.
The Centre on February 3 issued the tables for the implementation of OROP scheme. The annual expenditure for the same has been estimated to be around Rs 7,500 crore, the Defence Ministry said. Earlier, the total amount for implementing OROP was estimated Rs 8,252 crore which would benefit around 25 to 27 lakh war veterans and 6 lakh widows.
"If the government can give Rs 7500 crore, then Rs 800 crore is just peanuts for them. I have doubts whether it is Rs 7500 crore or not," said Brigadier (retired) JS Sandhu. Defending the government, Parrikar said the promise on OROP to ex-servicemen has been fufilled to a large extent and it would refer "minor issues", if any, to a one-man commission for redressal.
The One Rank One Pension system means a retired soldier of the same rank and same length of service will get the same pension regardless of when the person retires.
(Source- IBN Live)


  1. Do you justify 21830 as the pension for a Mojor with 20 years QS who retired before 1990? He got his substantive rank at 13 years. How is the PCDA (P Is going to count his increments while deciding pension based on 7CPC?

  2. Dear writer pl donot post wrong information written by hand posted table for officers. dear i was a regular visitor at Jantar Manter at that time I came to know that this fight is going for Lt Col to Bargdiar and equal rank AF, Navi. Same is the result all are Rs. 42000/= basic pay where as upto Major Rs. 17000/= how much is gape. Did you go through properly chart of Lt col to Lt Gen. 99 % officers attain Lt Col/ Col rank and leave service. Only 1% officer reached Major rank which are branch commissioned from Below officer rank that's why they kept in range of Rs. 17000/= basic pay. How nicely were fooled from Sep to Major by a group of people. Pl comment is it not a fooled us as always done. God may not leave,who has done this. Regards Ex Sgt CP Singh

  3. Why the IESM is still hesitating to bell the cat in the Supreme Court?

  4. I am retired Sub Major Y group having put 28 years service. The OROP is a paltry increase. It is better I leave it to Government. Sub Major is the last and highest rank for a person joined as Sepoy. The difference between a Sub Major & Sepoy is hardly anything. It is sad for those who recommended the pension.