Wednesday, September 14, 2016


As Recd on Face Book and stated by Capt Amrinder Singh MP ( who defeated Finance Minister Arun Jaitley at Amritsar in the last election)

Mr Parikar, once again you have shown your inability to understand the services. You can order them in operational matters and they will do as ordered. On what grounds can you order them to accept the 7th pay commision? 
Is this Nazi Germany and are you Hitler to issue such a dictatorial order? 
The three Chiefs are reflecting the views of each and every soldier in uniform or out of it. Instead of you standing by your defence services you are toeing the line set by your Babus. 
Do you realize the implications of your attitude? 
You have a highly disciplined force, perhaps the only pillar in our democracy that works without ever commenting. 
Do you want a disgruntled service?
If the services are to loose their standing by placing them below your Babus and police, that is exactly what you will have, and then God help our country with a beligerant China and Pakistan. 
Will you then lead your Babus into battle? 
Have you heard of a word called morale? If so, you are in the process of demolishing it. 
Put your act together Parikar and put your self above party, politics and Babus and stand by your forces. 
Demoralising them will effect the security of our nation. 
Either stand by your services or quit. 
Perhaps the PM can find another defence ministers out of the multitude he has on parliament. 
You too Mr Prime Minister look beyond those who lack foresight and personally intervene. 
This is a matter of national security and beyond that of the comprehension of Parikar. 
The three Chiefs are absolutely correct in their stand.Their officers and men expect nothing less from them. 
They have my complete admiration and total support.



  1. Well done capt sahib. A copy of this letter should also be posted to pm.

  2. Captain sahib you ate also shedding crocodiles tears.have ever ? The house about diluted OROP,non payment of arrers to pre 2006 for D LINKING 33Y clause don't befool the fraternity and project as one is going to vote .

  3. As a sequence and consequence of any serious situation , new DM and FM may emerge or surface.

  4. No copy to be given to gagged media..print and electronics. But they have no time for burning issues...they have been told to keep running AAP stories day and night...and if get tired then Nitish kumar, lalu and shahabuddin....we are no fools..we understand how is this country stage managed? You cant fool all...all the times. Very shortly we will have our say in UP.

  5. Very well done Capt Amrider least there is one politician who can call cat a cat and unminsing words....thanks.

  6. prabin chandra borah,ex subedar majorSeptember 15, 2016 at 12:00 AM

    Revised pay comn for army personnel is turning into a political the midst of this struggle between bureaucrats the only people effected are the ex servicemen and other service personnel's as they are being denied the revised pay.the matter should be sorted out by discussing between authorities concerned.

  7. very well commented . Now your party has to wait appx three years to do something for the defense personnel. Hope you and your party will keep in mind what you have said now after 2019.