Saturday, September 17, 2016

HEIGHT OF DISCRIMINATION : DIFFERENTLY ABLED SPORTSMEN/WOMEN BACK WITH GOLD MEDALS - BUT WHO CARES? Add your voice, so that those who ought to hear this... will finally wake up from their selfish slumber.!!!

There was widespread media coverage.
There was no shortage of sponsors.
Why... even Sachin was on call..!!!

A delegation of 117 sportsmen were sent to Rio Olympics 
They returned with 2 medals.

No media coverage..
No sponsors...
And God alone knows where Sachin is..??
Compare that with the Rio Para-Olympics.

We sent a delegation of 19... that's right... only nineteen. 

Strangely... no politicians or celebrities showed interest to go with them...

They've already bagged 4 medals..!!

Exception & small consolation : ONLY Tamilnadu Govt (The CM Ms Jayalalitha) announced 2 crore to the Gold Medallist of TN.
No this isn't about 'ABLE'​ v/s ​'DISABLED... but it's still worth relating.

It's still not too late... Come on Maruti Suzuki - give them a car each because BMW surely won't..!!!

And what about those Khel Ratna Awards...and cash prizes..???

Wake up India...​ Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs.
Add your voice, so that those who ought to hear this... 
will finally wake up from their selfish slumber.!!!

(Source:Via Gp E-mail from Col Ronnie Burjor Mistry, Vet)


  1. We sent a delegation of 117sportsmen to the Rio Olympics . They returned with 2 medals . There was widespread media coverage . There was no shortage of sponsors . Why even Sachin was on call !

    Compare that with the Rio Paralympics . We sent a delegation of 19 . That's right - nineteen . They've already bagged 4 medals ! No media coverage . No sponsors . And god knows where Sachin is !

    No this isn't about able versus disabled . But it's still worth relating . It's not too late . Come on Maruti Suzuki - give them each a car because BMW won't ! And what about those Khel Ratna Awards ! And cash prizes ! Wake up India .🌻
    Add your voice, so that those who ought to , wake up .

    *15th sept.2016*. Please Forward and make this message viral

  2. This nation has no time for how can they have time for not so fortunate disabled. Lets us face the truth:

    All tendulkars, bachchans,Dhonis, media, politicians and industrialists promote each other and suck the most of the wealth of this nation by this perfect nexsus or arrangement of convinience. Till such time all the above are not made accountable and honest....please do not expect justice. Our people also are responsible to great extent...we are 125 crore and counting..out of which 70 % are uneducated and vulnerable to exploitation which perfectly suits the opportunists politicians. This population blast is one biggest single reason for this AFRATAFRI around. Its might is right. Have power or wealth then enjoy in this in hell. Just watch how things deteriorate from here on, we are in a hopless situation and moral standards are in the gutter. God save this nation. Lot can be written on this rott but no use because...things are dumb and blind....desh ram bharosse.

  3. Sports is very much required for physical health.We have number of Indian style indoor and outdoor games and sports.We can have sports and athletic competitions in India with people having same DNA.I am speaking the logic and not egotism.When millions are struggling for 2 times square meals,I feel Indians going abroad,spending crores and competing with athletes who have different DNA( I mean the strong physical strength attribute)is not at all wise and we can never succeed.It is not surprising too they have not brought medals.So why should we blame them.Extra curricular activities will not increase the per capita income of the nation,except feeding the individuals who concerned.In the same tone I congratulate all the differently abled sports people for their great achievements.

  4. Andhe aur Behre hukamrano ki nagri hai ye jinki sirf zabaan lambi hai,kisi ki Kat gayi hai, dua karo baakiyon ki bhi Kat jaye ......

  5. All the persons who gleefully enjoyed limelight with the two Olympic medal winners might not be knowing the Para-Olympic events. May be so with the PMO and the Sports Mnistry. Of course Sachin plays able game and not different from other Selfie enthusiast like Modi.

  6. Are we inhuman. These bunch of medallist deserves even better deal than abled bunch