Monday, September 12, 2016


After the protest by veterans over the OROP Scheme the Govt is now facing the ire of the Services over implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission’s recommendations.

Disappointed with the government’s indifference to their concerns, the Three Services have requested that the implementation of the recommendations for the Armed Forces be withheld till key issues are addressed.

Some of the major discrepancies they have pointed out are Non-Functional Upgrade (NFU), NFU pay fixation, Military Service Pay, common Pay Matrix for Civilian and Military Services and Allowances.

Another committee is dealing with the issue of allowances.

“While a few of our concerns have been addressed, we have been constrained to request the government to withhold the implementation in view of the anomalies which need to be resolved,” the Three Services said in a message issued to the personnel on Saturday.

“In the interim, the personnel are expected to display maturity and patience and not be swayed by hearsay or speculative reports from any quarter,” the note said.

The Armed Forces have said several recommendations are meant to reduce the status of the Military with respect to its Civilian counterparts as well as the Central Armed Police Forces.

The Chiefs have written several times to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar through the office of the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee currently headed by Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha.

However, there has been no response from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

“Elements within the government have kept the matter away from the Prime Minister’s attention,” a senior officer said.

On Monday last, the Defence Ministry issued the notification. Thereafter, the Services were to have issued instructions as per procedure. However, they have decided not to do so pending resolution of the issue.



  1. Can somebody enlighten the veterans about the charter of duties & responsibilities of our Supreme Commander, if these are laid down in the Indian Constitution. It cannot be a mere Designation.

    1. The one or two duties of Supreme Commander is as follows.Sitting in REDFORT,sign the papers whatever is put in front of him.Otherwise nothing to the best of knowledge.It is a post of decoration.A prime minister and Chief Justice are more than enough to run this nation.For the name sake he is supreme Commander of the armed force who does not know the parts of a simple rifle and never fired a single bullet in his life time..Never heard the gunshot except on occasion like republic parade.At times,he will make appeal to the people through radio broadcasting.Otherwise he will not come out of redfort because of security reasons.
      Same thing goes with the upper house of the parliament system.Useless and it is a white elephant,eating crores of rupees for reading out MGR songs and Shers.We can write pages and pages about this useless set up.But what will happen? Nothing.Chalthi kaa naam Ghadi hai ,Yeh tho democracy hai bhai!

    2. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 12, 2016 at 9:45 PM

      this pranab muherjee, when he was defence minister, vehemently he opposed the scheme of ECHS, if any one wants go through the judgements of supreme court pronounced in favour of ex army personnel , you may come to know the real character of supreme commander even restoration of commuted value after 15 years of retirement service is given by the supreme court

    3. Sir, our present supreme commander was FM when pre PC was implemented and was also head of the GoM to look in to the anomalies raised. How do you expect one to accept mistake.

  2. PMO not evenooking at the letter.....No words.

  3. There are serious shortcomings in the seventh pay commissions report (7th PCR} which the GOI has hurriedly accepted,to the detriment of defence forces in particular.Whereas,THE 7TH PCR, has depressed the raise given to beneficiaries, by taking wrong inputs such as price of Daal,which itself is shocking but could be just a mistake,BUT,the way it has tried to harm the armed forces by crooked data compilation and interpretation as also by misrepresenting court ruling (rank pay),is indeed less than honest and utterly shameful.I,think if the service chiefs consider putting up papers for resignation, it could save the day for the country,as otherwise, thousands of trained and professionally competent armed forces personnel may do so out of sheer disgust and disillusionment.First below IAS,then below IPS and now even below the PMFs. The services have been extremely loyal to the country-probably, it does not the suit the wrong doers. The nation must rise to defend their Forces,there can never be any alternative to that, even half as good, if the forces loose their morale,trained manpower and professional competence.JAIHIND

  4. One should not make such an unbelievable statement whoever he may be-“Elements within the government have kept the matter away from the Prime Minister’s attention,” a senior officer said." as if PM Modi lives in London.JCO and below the bone of contention as per this blog is MSP.For that Mahur has already said the old MSP is multiplied 2.57.Remaining issues you know very well concern about whom.

  5. Naginder singh parmarSeptember 12, 2016 at 10:33 AM

    No response from PMO does not
    mean PRIME MINISTER is unaware

  6. " maa baap, biwi bachchon ko chhhod mein desh bachane aaya tha, haath tiranga marte marte tiger hill lehraya tha:

    Siachin ki sardi bhi mere nischay ko na tod saki:
    Maine har quarbaani de kar bharat maa ki laaz rakhkhi;

    Desh nei izzat khubb di mujhhko, aankhon pe baithhaya tha:
    Lekin jisko chuna desh nei..usnei khuub rulaya tha.

    1. Very relevant poem by dev sahab
      Afsos ki aaj ye nakkarkhane me tuti ki aawaz bankar rah gayee hai
      Jinhe ham sunana chahte hai vahan tak pahunchati nahi hai
      Ab to mujhe ghalib ka ek sher yaad aa raha

      " aah ko chahiye ek umra asar honetak
      Kaun jita hai hai Teri julf ke sar hone tak
      Maana ki tagaful na karoge ghalib
      Khaq ho jayenge unko khabar hone tak "

  7. Well,resignations by heads is not a solution to the issue and problems.
    Other services of GOI ,like IAS,IPS ,GP A sevices ,railways ,banks.....every one derive their rights by demand.
    Thus and therefore this highly placed Armed Forces have to simply assert and derive the legitimate and justice.
    Amazing ,these intermediaries ,some secrtaries / advisers are blocking direct talks with PM.
    Set aside obsticals.Let there be proper interpretation and application of constitutional provisions by the Armed Forces also.only babus have been interpreting at their convenience.
    Well ,soldiers also can understand .
    As somebody expressed -stop this circus
    Of com after com by secys only -babus only and no soldiers.

  8. PM, RM etc are merely puppets being manipulated by the gang of Babus controlled by the power center, FM etc.One way to bypass them could be to refer the issue to the CJI, particularly since the matter relates to malafide preplanned "injustice" being done to Armed Forces pers at the behest of Babus.Service HQs & affected pers could enmasse seek legal remedy on this discrimination.

  9. Actually, Chairman and members of 7th CPC should be SGCM/GCM in J&K State at RAJOURI due to confused recommendations for wasting public money for two years and creating anomalies.