Wednesday, September 28, 2016

India Shining : Martyr's Father Borrows Money For Last Rites, But Refuses Mamata Banerjee's Token Compensation

In West Bengal, the families of those who die from consuming homemade liquor are given Rs 2 lakh. This is the the amount that the family Uri attack martyr Gangadhar Dolui has been promised by the Bengal government.

"We are not going to accept the Rs 2 lakh compensation and the job of a home guard that the chief minister has offered", the martyr's father Onkarnath Dolui said.

Instead, Onkarnath borrowed Rs 10,000 from his neighbours to perform the last rites. 

"The compensation amounts to sheer humiliation. The government has offered us Rs 2 lakh, the amount that it offers to the families of persons who die after consuming hooch. We will reject the money as well as the offer for a home guard's job that will be offered to my younger son," Dolui told Hindustan Times.

(Source- Via Gp E-mail from Chander Prakash Vet)


  1. West Bengal chief Minister, badi dil wali hai.

  2. No. It is Izzat not money. One may bribe the vote bank but as soldier I demand Izzat more than money. But first pay me what has been denied since Independence

  3. This offer by Didi shows, how the politicians look at the sacrifices of a soldier. Once the soldier is gone, the family is left in lurch and treat them with respect. Gangadhar Douli's family did the correct thing in refusing Didi's offer. In an incredibly heartwarming gesture, Mahesh Savani, the businessman from Gujarat plans to cover the costs of educating the children of all 18 soldiers who were killed by terrorists in Uri. These people should grow to that stature having got the political powers from the common man. Till then in our view they are all lepers, and leaches on society.

  4. Respect is more than money only few understands this. His father gave him dignity

  5. Every ex serviceman should advise his sons,daughters, relatives and friends not to join armed force.I am doing this very vigorously and succeeded ,stopping more than 100 youngsters from joining armed forces.Why don't you also join me in doing this wonderful job.