Tuesday, September 6, 2016

FLASH :: 7th CPC Pay - MoD issues Orders

Notification for pay has been issued by MoD.

It will be uploaded on MoD website tomorrow.

(Source- Aerial view blog)


  1. Hope they have done their home work and not left fauzis high and dry...anybody's guess here?

    1. No change from what was approved earlier!

  2. Thank god for the day and May God bless you all with the best you luck happiness prosperity and success in life

  3. Has the Commission set up by the Govr given its report? If yes, what are the recommendations? If not, how come MoD has issued these instructions? Was the Commission an eyewash?

  4. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 7, 2016 at 9:20 AM

    very good first they are going to issue notification for officers and nursing officers, Is there any scope for other ranks pay hike

    first country

    second the man who work under officers

    third officers welfare

    now it is reverse

    very pathetic

  5. I shall appreciate if someone can explain to me the benefit of adding three more increases in defence matrix for Lt Cols when after 26 years service a Lt Col is to become a Col (TS) under time scale promotion rules.

  6. Are exs getting revised 7cpc now or have to wait OROp revision in 2019.

  7. Thank god, oh oh , It is India, so, any thing can happen in here.Because, first they are issued notification for officer and nursing officer, and after that for others ---

  8. I am very surprised to know that, there is no news or order for ex-servicemen ( pensioner ).