Monday, September 19, 2016


Breathing down the necks, thy enemy is standing the gate...
Wake up my country men wake up before its too late.....
Time and patience have exhausted all,
why and what for anymore to wait....
More coffins will fly home, till
we cut the monster to size and retaliate....
Lets put own house in order first
for survival & integrity of this Indian state...
Few filthy mouths need to shut, who often,
spit only venom under camera glare debate
Some even strip the soldiers in public,
side by enemy and for votes spread hate...
Wake up my country men wake up before its too late.....
It's high time we break the shackles.......Jai hind Ki Sena
A Sunder Rajan

(Source- via e-mail from A Sunder Rajan, Vet)


  1. Our PM dreams of ingenious ideas of his own to engage the enemy. The MEA believes in diplomatic solutions, the MoH believes that its police force is enough to neutralize the terrorists, the MoD silently watches as its Jawans are mauled with their hand tied at their back by own government. Everyone state that the perpetrators of violence will be punished, which never happened in the past. Everyone is ineffective in their own way.

  2. Gadhon ko sher sunaana kya faayadha hai?[ I am not fluent in Hindi,What I wanted to say is what is the use of reciting Sher to donkeys?]

  3. It is a pity that we have not evolved a system to strike back immediately when attacked. The fmn cdrs should be given full power to deploy qrts in these times to uproot the source of such attacks and feedback to be given to the higher ups in Delhi. Instead we discuss and discuss and let out all our plans for the enemy to prepare its repulsion. Sad.

  4. Pakistan can be handled in proper manner and in quick times by our brave defence forces and they will never let down our nation. Problem faced by our most pateiot Defence forces is from our own so called elites...they miss no opportunity to cut them to size. Suggest some remedy for this neglect....Pakistan is no " Chunoti"

  5. कायरता का तेल चढ़ा है,
    लाचारी की बाती पर,
    दुश्मन नंगा नाच रहा है,
    भारत माँ की छाती पर,
    दिल्ली वाले इन हमलों पर
    दो आँसू रो देते हैं,
    कुत्ते चार मारने में,
    हम सत्रह शेर खो देते हैं!!

  6. I agree with Mukesh..sab 5 Star environment se bakwaas kar rahe hein ye...UP election ko dhyan mein rakh ke kreinge jo karna hei..desh jaye bhaad mein. Every thing sold off is just singing songs of Modi...3 minute ki ads to earn money.3minutes Modi's praise and again ads.

  7. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 19, 2016 at 9:08 PM

    at once declare war against pakistan, we exm are ready to come and help serving soldier in our capacity, even if need be we can go to the war front, we lived our life, let us have brave death in the battle field . we lost our eighteen brave hearts

    modi we do not want your diluted OROP and disgraceful 7 CPC commission implementation, you have got only two and half years, I cannot say how many army officers jcos and jawans we have to lose during tenure

  8. With this war mongering and raising public hysteria ,the executive and political pillars are trying to divert and absolve from their primary responsibility of a civil & political solution.
    For last 68 yrs they have used the fauj as cannon fodders in Kashmir and whole of North East . In 1971 Bangladesh liberation war the same deceit was played and in return prize was degradation of services further and pension reduction.
    Now war is a double edge knife and our life is an dispensable article. Even if you win for the nation and coffins come home .. the insult start from there .. pilot will not embark you first and disembark you last and that too from the slip gate in hush-hush manner. Scared to announce your last journey and your widow and children living in penury and forgotten by one and all. Hear on TV in normal peace time .. did they not know the peril and risk of be a soldier ?

    The establishment mafia of bureau-polity wants this country to be defended with the lives of other people’s children and that too cheaply possibly as cannon fodders. Do you know any VIP , Babu or Judge .. whose kid is in uniform?
    Let us not live in fools world .. the defence of this country is equal responsibility of the Babus who apportion Rs70,00/- as hard laying money for them am paltry 35K for fauj.

  9. Uri incident is a fit case for spontaneous retaliation as per my understanding. But the remote is with PM/DM/HM who are busy in 'man ki bath' recording or holding press conf. intrinsic belongingness or bondage with the dept or men under their comd is missing in secys and ministers. Israel is small country. if one is lost they retaliate and kill atleast 10. here in India pass the time by meetings with their counterparts at various level. soldiers death in skirmish at border has become routine with rising of the Sun

  10. Mukesh U wright very good poetry. It is from the heart of most of the indians. If u devote little more time to your poetry with the tinge of motivation in it will motivate all of us and the entire defence forces immensely which is the need of the hour rather than wasting ur time in commenting on the blogs concerning C P C and OROP which at time are divisive in nature. Well done!