Thursday, September 22, 2016

Circular No.566 d/d 16.9.2016 : Revision of pension under ‘One Rank One Pension’.

Circular No. 566
Dated: 16.09.2016
Subject :- Revision of pension under ‘One Rank One Pension’.
Ref :- This office Circular No. 555 dated 04.02.2016 & Circular No. 557 dated 17.03.2016.
Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDAS) are aware that as per this Office Circular No. 555dt. 04.02.2016, pension of Armed Forces Personnel is to be revised w.e.f. 01.07.2014 by the PDAS as per tables attached with this Circular. PDAS have reported some difficulties on certain points while implementing the scheme Of ‘OROP’. Clarification in the matter is as under:-
(i) Revision of pension in respect of Post-2006 Havildars granted ACP-I who later on promoted to the Rank of Hony Nb Sub :- It is Clarified that pension of Post-2006 Havildars granted ACP-I, who got pensionary benefits of Nb-Sub rank but later on promoted to the rank of Hony. Nb-Sub for which Corr. PPOS were issued revising the rank as Hony. Nb-Sub. Pension in such cases Shall be revised to the rank of Nb-Sub.
(ii) Revision of pension under OROP in r/o Fly. Sergeant: – The rank of Fly. Sergeant has not been mentioned in the equivalence of ranks in Appendix – ‘Y’ of this Office above mentioned Circulars. It iS hereby Clarified that rank of Fly. Sergeant iS equivalent to JWO of the Air Force and Naib Subedar of the Army. Hence, pension of Fly. Sergeant Shall be revised from the Tables of Naib Subedar
2. All other terms and conditions in the matter shall remain unchanged.
3. This circular has been uploaded on this office website for dissemination
across the all concerned.
No. Gts/Tech/0167/XXIV
Dated: 16.09.2016                             
(C.B. Yadav)
DCDA (Pensions)
(Source- GovtEmpdiary blog)


  1. There no rank of Flg.Sgt. in Airforce It is Flt.Sgt. now JWO

  2. There no rank of Flg.Sgt. in Airforce It is Flt.Sgt. now JWO

  3. Neither it is Fly. Sergeant nor Flg.Sgt. In the Indian Air Force the right rank name was "Flight Sergeant (Flt.Sgt)". This rank is renamed, after 3rd CPC, as Junior Warrant Officer (JWO) which is equivalent to Naib Subedar of Indian Army.

  4. Pity the PCDA. They even donot know that there was never a rank of FLY.SGT; What can we expect of these useless guys.

  5. where is ii pcfor pre2016 veterans