Thursday, September 15, 2016


Dear PM Shri Narendra Modi ji,


     Make this change and we will recognize your leadership

    Lifetime pension accorded for one tenure of politicians - is gross injustice to the  rest of the government servants who have to put in a minimum of 20 years of  service, this is a drain on the public exchequer. 

No one has been able to explain to me why young men and women who serve in the Military for 20 years or more, risking their lives protecting your freedom only get 50% of their pay on retirement and Short Service Commissioned Officers who also risk their life for a term varying from 5-14 yrs - get ZERO retirement benefits after their assignment. 

While Politicians hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital, 
protected by these very same men & women, receive Full-Pay on retirement after serving just one term of 5 yrs. Does it make any sense ?

(i)    Abolish, politician pension for life. As such they are above averagely rich people.

(ii)   Just like you motivated common people to give up subsidy, motivate MPs to give up many perks granted unanimously by themselves, but undeservingly exorbitant, including pension.

   We hope it starts with yourself.

(Source -an opinion of Civilian fwd Via e-mail from BB Ghai,Vet.)


  1. They will increase it further for themselves.He will be angry after reading your these zazbaat...hahahahaha....great politicians...all are the same.

  2. Dev sahib ,not only this,on completion of another tenure,pension is further enhanced,over and above all emolument and perks are exempted from Tex. HO GAI NA BALLE ,BALLE.

  3. This is a factual truth. All these politicians come to power with the backing of money power only. Their pay and pensions are paid out of the public exchequer which otherwise could be used for betterment of the poor. Their tenures are the shortest of other public servants and cosy compared to other services. It is time to look into this aspect and withdraw the pay, perks and pensions which are redundant to the service spirited politicians who get elected only with this view of serving the nation.

  4. Naginder singh parmarSeptember 15, 2016 at 9:47 AM

    Apart from this they should come
    Under pay commission to increase
    Salry and perks

  5. very correct and it must supported by all .

  6. My dear friends do not be mistaken.The pension for politicians is authorized as soon as he takes the oath not after completing term of 5 yrs only & multiples of that 5 yrs.

  7. Dear Sir..pension is award. We selected leaders by way of democracy which tells us for the peopleto the people by the people irrespective of their tenure. Look Lal Bahadur Shastri has no homewho is great leader. So we the people respect them by giving pension which is happy in their old age

  8. Modiji ki hawa nikal jayegi agar aisa karega.. bulki Modiji I want to remind you aap apna salary aur pension chod dijiye.. hum man jayege

  9. I too agree,whole country will ever thankful to P PM Modi sir.

  10. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 15, 2016 at 6:56 PM

    one thing we forget with the passage of time, once it was order that an MP should complete his full term of five years in the office to become eligible for pension, who shortened the period of five year to 6 months that is mr chandrasekar

    further more their pay and allowances are shown in other miscellaneous in the income tax to evade paying of tax

    taxable amount is very less. for enhancing their perks they need not depend on pay commission . at their convenience they can raise their allowances, no auditing no financial crunch even they are getting allowance for washing their loin clothes and undergarments have we ever heard an MP or MLA died of utter poverty then why they deserve pension firstly they should give up their pension if they are true indian with a sincere sense of serving public without expecting the honorarium

  11. Your suggestions are good. But who is going to listen this. If one candidate not able to win the loksabha they will become rajya sabha member and MLA to MLC.

    1. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 17, 2016 at 9:19 AM

      namaskaram and ram ram bkn sir,

      if we take in correct sense, for example jaitley is rejected by the people in the lok sabha election who lost the faith of the people, how he is entrusted two minister portfolios, that is the loop hole and lacunae in our democratic system.
      who made this multi member system in election commission by the rule in india it has got two clauses one for poor and another for rich. rich rules the law and law grinds the poor, this is only sharing of information nothing other than this

      once again ram ram sir

  12. Being part of a disciplined force we can not go for dharnas and tod for but problem with us is that we r not able to use our vote bank properly.things in a this democracy could only achieved by head counts.this is भीड़ तंत्र we shall mobilise our votes than only we can extract a country if a community resort to damage to public property can easily get reservation how can we expect our woes cured simply by asking?

  13. If PM modi ji abolishes the pension of the so called politicians, I shall vote for him through out my life