Sunday, September 11, 2016


The M o D had issued a notification on Sep 5 for the implementation of the recommendations by the 7th Pay Commission. This was done after taking into account a letter by the 3 Service Chiefs on the issue of pay parity, among other things.

The notification was exclusively for the defence forces.

The Chiefs of Staff Committee met on 7th Sep where this notification was discussed.

A decision was taken to with hold the implementation and the RM was informed.

The Service Headquarters have reportedly issued letters to their senior commanders and the troops about this step.

The Raksha Mantri is now expected to take a decision on the matter on the coming Monday.
Earlier, the notification for enhanced pay for the forces had been held up as the issues raised by the three services were 'being studied' by the Govt. 

The main “anomaly” is that the formula adopted for determining the basic pay for the armed forces is different from the one applicable to other Central Govt employees. 

As a result, in each rank the service officers and other ranks have been awarded lower pay scales.
In March this year, the MoD had told an empowered panel that the status and the pay and allowances of the armed forces have to be kept above the other fighting arms like the CAPF etc.

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(Source-Facebook post (Air Force Association)


  1. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 11, 2016 at 9:39 AM

    from the inept attitude of government it appears that govt add fuel to the burning problem of pay disparity, dilution of OROP, I could predict something unwanted things are likely to befall then only the government will realise by the time thing might have gone out of their manageable level very civil war like situation. some good thing should happen

  2. Good.... At least a care for the good

  3. Repeated..Repeated...Repeated.... Representations by no NO less than Chiefs of Defence Forces regarding non stop degradation of Soldiers, so much so that they have now been pushed below CAPF personnel have fallen on deaf ears of DM as well as PM. Now what next...? When nobody is there to listen what can the well disciplined soldier chiefs do...??? Have some mercy..;;Well may plan to hang up Belt and Shoes! Let NSA take over as CDS! PM/DM/Bureaucracy may wake up not to push left over soldiers below Home Guards under next Pay Commission, to be deployed for floods,earthquakes,civil aid, rallies control etc. JAI HIND.

  4. For now , visibly, the chiefs are fighting for their men and it is hoped that they will take the issue to its logical conclusion which will enhance their standing manifolds but tame agreement with the likes of AJ and his officers which lets down the soldiers yet again could have serious repercussions. Best wishes to the chiefs -- more than the soldiers and the veterans.

  5. Arun Jaitely stands on d way 2 jawans reasonable pay hike. Empowered Committee had members of his choice so as to negate any move of d RM for raising status and pay to reasonable award. Let us see if d 3 chiefs can bell d cat!

  6. All the three Chiefs must resign on this issue

  7. No notification for pensioners yet

  8. Nr arun jatley doesnot want to solve the problem s of jawan.Bhagwn usko budi dey.