Thursday, September 15, 2016

Parrikar meets Services chiefs over pay panel ‘anomalies’ - By Ajay Banerjee

New Delhi - Sep 15,2016  (1:31AM) :: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today morning assured the armed forces that he would take up the "anomalies" of the 7th Pay Commission at the highest level as he fully understood the matter. Subsequently, the services have expressed "satisfaction", but have adopted a wait-and-watch approach.
Till the evening, it was status quo as far as the decision to stop the implementation of the hiked salary and emoluments was concerned, said sources. The implementation of the pay panel recommendations had been stopped on September 9 over "unresolved anomalies", which had surfaced in the Ministry of Defence notification issued on September 6.
In the afternoon, the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (CoSC), Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, issued a statement: "The Defence Minister is seized of all the issues and has assured us of resolving these at the earliest. The Services are satisfied with the response."
The unresolved issues were discussed between the Ministry of Defence and the forces for the second time in three days today. Parrikar met Raha, Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba and Adjutant General of the Army (since Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag is away).
Parrikar conveyed to the forces that questioning the notification meant "questioning the decision of the government", and that resolution of the "anomalies" would be a priority. The government holds an opinion that amending the notification would take weeks as it needed several approvals. The forces believe anomalies lower the status and pay parity of forces vis-à-vis their counterparts in the police and civilian administration.

(Source- The Tribune)


  1. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 15, 2016 at 8:06 AM

    The high drama ends without making a nudge, I do not know what transpired between them what are the anomalies, the chiefs are not listing the anomaly pertaining to other ranks

    It is like a curious man went behind a elephant when it farts he may experience some exploding sound, to his surprise it farts out normally as other animals.
    similar thing we have come across, the government should come out and declare a white paper on this issue

    who are actors directors and heroes in this enactment of drama, the whole ex army community is kept guessing

  2. Tareekh pe taareekh......justice delayed is equal to denied. Horrible this.

    1. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 15, 2016 at 10:07 AM

      dev sir thank you I felt very bad your comments deleted

      namaskaram sir

  3. Mr Parikkar's power of grasping is scant. He could not understand the concept of OROP and delay/dilution was the end result. Same will happen with the 7CPC award to the servicemen. If one understands the problem in the first place, firm orders will follow and no committees are required to confuse the issue further.

  4. It is drama by chiefs in collusion with MrParikkar

  5. Some face saving!
    I like both comments from Karunakaran and Dev ji.
    The assurance should have been from PM .
    Clarity and white paper should be published.

  6. Dear,how you can be assured by modi sahib,who himself is great,to betrayal towards EXM and lost all memory ,what said at REWARI RALLY .

  7. you are verymuch correct sir he will remember his promises before 2019 election only after election he is like GAJINI.noy only armed forces his false promises to a state like Andhra pradesh made people to come on th roads.God save us from politicians like these.

  8. Service Chiefs have displayed immense shrewdness and maturity to avoid issues getting out of hand and have saved the DAY for RAKSHA MANTRI to come out of paralysis (Seizure;Is seized of situation!).As for as implementation of Notification by Service Headquarters is concerned;well; Govt. has taken 10 months to issue the same brushing aside all concerns of the Defence Services causing utter frustration, resentment,demoralisation and lack of trust in top brass, among the rank and file, thus forcing well disciplined Service Chiefs to take this unusual step of keeping "Notification" in abeyance till the core anomalies are addressed by Govt.Now if RAKSHA MANTRI has finally understood the anomalies and is seiged of the same;is honest about resolving them, then why is he insisting on implementing this defective and unfair "Notification".Govt. has already taken 10 months to issue it,well heaven would not fall, if it gets delayed by few weeks,provided u are honest to implement your assurances regarding rectification of anomalies.For the time being, considering the past track record of this Govt,Service Chiefs may feel satisfied about RAKSHA MANTRI being seized on anomalies but should keep implementation of "NOTIFICATION" in abeyance till the amended "NOTIFICTION" after rectification of anomalies is issued.Govt can not force implementation of defective orders as already conceded by RM.Alternatively legal course may be pursued.

  9. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 15, 2016 at 4:42 PM

    The three chiefs discussed their own problem, in the bargain , they may be assured of some post retirement placement like lieutenant governor or some prominent posts, that is why they have withdrawn the protests silently

    firstly they must disclose which points are discussed and what assurances are given by DM

    secondly how many points are related to pay and allowances of Other ranks

    thirdly DM should not have accommodated them without the involvement of stakeholders particularly other ranks representative

  10. The nation has witnessed rampant destruction in Karnataka and some retaliatory vandalism in Tamil Nadu over sharing of Caveri water..
    There was a situation developing in the Capital unbeknownst to many which could have culminated in a sort of Armageddon if parties involved did not covertly agree for a tactical withdrawal. The situation was unprecedented in the history of civil/ military relationship.
    I am referring to the letter by the Chiefs the three wings of armed forces forwarded by Chief of Staff Committee ( COSC ) Air Chief Marshal Aroop Raha to the Hon’ble RM on the “unresolved Anomaly” in the pay structure & other related matters concerning defence in the 7 CPC and the “SIGNAL” of 9th Sept. to lower commands to withhold implementation contained in the order of MOD dtd 6 the Sept. and, in reply, the strict instruction of RM to follow the order of 6th Sept.
    It was a true Catch 22 situation. Neither parties could have come out unscathed had they not exercised extreme caution. Fortunately both saved faces for the “time being” ; and we have not seen the end yet.
    It is the bounden duty of the Chiefs to protect the interest of the men under them and they have rightly chosen to do so. This act should have been viewed as part of the duty of the chiefs; but the Hon’ble RM had a different view and his response to the chief appeared to be bordering ( pardon the usage,) arrogance. Perhaps it was construed as INSUBORDINATION.
    This is an oft misinterpreted term. Insubordination is defined as “ an act of disobeying a lawful command given by a superior officer”. What is lawful or unlawful is relative but pertains to operational matters only and not for administrative directives.
    It is serious situation. If the action of chief is deemed to be insubordination, he has to be fired forthwith. On the other hand if the RM’s order is unlawful he loses the moral authority to continue in that position. The situation has transpired into a“ heads I win, tails you lose” scenario.
    Fortunately, the RM has” fully understood the concerns” of the armed forces and will do” his best” to find a solution and chiefs are convinced that “everything will be alright” and assuaged the rank file; so all quiet on the western front now. Issues that end well need not begin well or vice versa.
    Let us just see what the “unresolved anomaly” are:
    Except for the last mentioned all other pertain to small % of personnel belonging to armed forces top brasses.
    There are other important issues which need their immediate attention, unfortunately, no chief ever even acknowledge the existence of such anomaly.
    Delinking of 33 years qualifying service for full pension has not been implemented for defence retirees even after it is effected 5 months ago for CG pensioners and civilians in armed forces. By what terminology one can describe this callous conundrum.
    DL 33 is the very base for re-fixation of pension wef 1-1-2006.If this is not done the entire follow up like OROP fixation and 7 CPC implementation will be in jeopardy. And non implementation may end up in litigation as it is violation of Apex Court verdict which again will make everything prolonged indefinitely subjected to the decision of courts.
    So it is imperative that DL 33 issue be resolved first before implementing 7 CPC recommendation.
    The above issue, which is very vital and affects most defence pensioners was not brought to the notice of the RM. DL 33 does not affect the officers because their pension is already based on this principle hence may have escaped attention by chiefs.
    What the chiefs can do the least is to request RM to issue instruction to DESW to generate OM in this regard before implementing 7 CPC recommendations.

  11. Karunakaran Sir you are correct, the three chiefs got assurance for their post retirement benefits