Thursday, September 15, 2016

Solution to pay panel issue soon, assures Raksha Mantri Parrikar :: By Nitin A Gokhale

Dear All,
I have still got hope the issues will be resolved soon this time.

Nitin Gokhlae, is close to the RM, he Spoke to the RM last evening .I am giving the link to the interview , it is quite reassuring...

I guess we will have to wait N see.

a Sunder Rajan (Vet)

Solution to pay panel issue soon, assures Raksha Mantri Parrikar
The current impasse over the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission award for the three armed forces will be resolved soon, Raksha Mantri Manohar Parrikar has asserted.
Speaking to, Mr. Parrikar in his first public comments over the 
deadlock said: “I am aware of the anomalies and shortcomings in the award for the 
military. The Service Chiefs have also briefed me again. I have assured them that I 
am confident of resolving issues very soon,” he said in a brief chat this evening.
Mr Parrikar said the three Service Chiefs raising the issue with him is not being 
viewed as defiance. “I only told them that we care for the forces and all concerns 
raised by them will be addressed by taking them up with the Prime Minister and the 
Finance Minister,” he added. The only way to find a solution to these issues is 
discussion, Mr Parrikar said. “The Service Chiefs know that I am using all the 
strength at my command to find a way out. You must understand that I got the gazette
notification announcing the 7th Pay Commission amended to make sure the military 
retains its edge over the Central Armed Police Forces. Such a step has never been 
taken ( to amend a gazette notification),” he pointed out.
Although he refused to put a timeline for the resolution of the problems, the very 
fact that the Raksha Mantri met the Prime Minister last night and is understood to 
have apprised him of the all the points demonstrates the seriousness with which the 
government is treating the issue. Unlike earlier times, the issues will be resolved 
without delay, Mr Parrikar said.
Asked why were these issues not resolved before the notification was issued, Mr. 
Parrikar pointed out that a cabinet notification cannot be corrected before it is 
notified. “The anomalies committees are meant to correct the shortcomings, ” he 
He asserted that at least three of the four major anomalies over which the service 
HQs are perturbed will be taken care of very soon. They are: 

1. The entry level pay 
suppression in the middle ranks; 

2. Non-functional Upgrade (NFU) and 

3. Enhancement 
of Military Service Pay (MSP) for JCOs.
Experts on Pay Commission issue say one way of overcoming the problem posed by no 
NFU to military personnel ( an anomaly from the earlier Pay panel) is to grant a one 
time notional NFU for pay scale fixation in the armed forces so as to maintain the 
equilibrium with other services.
Mr Parrikar pointed out that most of the other anomalies are also carried over from 
the earlier Pay Commissions and will have to be taken up in the two committees 
formed to resolve them.
The Raksha Mantri said he has asked the Service HQs to start implementing the 
benefits of the 7th Pay Commission to the troops as soon as possible. “The financial 
outgo of the corrections that will be made, is not likely to be more than Rs 600 
crores and can be given out later, he said.

(SOURCE- BHARAT SHAKTI NEWS/via e-mail from A Sunder Rajan Vet)


  1. Why not disability percentage issue Dear Mr Parikar? That is the most important issue..why civilians to get precentage based and why Fauzis 27000 fixed?

  2. keep and keep on waiting,All Are ------less

  3. We have to wait and watch till the amended notificaton is issued.

  4. No ammendment nothing,where is this DL 33 is hanging?

  5. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 16, 2016 at 8:13 AM

    It is clear cut betrayal of other ranks interest in conjunction with award of MSP, three chiefs (cheaps or thievies) have taken care of only JCOs and not other ranks

    let the matter come out, further course of action we will decide

  6. Well.... With this the issue probably does not end. Wait for how long... And wait for what all. The pay is in the mess and allowances are yet to be decided

  7. How many raised points are in favour of PBORs? Where is the respect of the oaths taken on the name of constitution? Thanks God, we have a civilian government. I request to PM sir, please discard all the colonial rules and more involvement of civilian officers on the defence matters. I have seen three pay commissions and every successive pay commissions have degraded the status of the PBORs. I can’t hope anything from this pay commission also. Ultimately the PBORs are not going to get anything. The demand for increase of MSP for the JCOs is an afterthought. Well calculated move. If out of ten demands this demand is not accepted by the government, the rest nine demands will benefit only a particular community.
    I have full faith on our PM and DM sir and also on all the bureaucrats. Please implement the 7th pay commission for the poor veterans as early as possible. We are in dire need of money to run our family as we get very very less pension and few thousands rupees as arrears will be always beneficial for us.
    Jai Hind.
    A poor veteran (PBOR)
    N.B: I also request the electronic media, don’t always write articles for the officers. Think for the poor PBORs and write some articles for them also. You will get more respect and the poor veterans will talk about you. Straighten your backbone and be impartial always and every time.

    1. My dear friend you have very shallow knowledge about the functioning of defence services. Your comments are divisive with an aim to create wedge between officers and JCOS /ORs. Just for knowledge of people like you during the second pay commission a 2lt got 425 as basic pay and an inf soldier got Rs 94 P M .A difference of 4,52 times. In 6 CPC a 2 Lt got 15600 and an inf soldier got approx 7000 P M. So the gap was reduced from 4 52 to 2.22 ie, more than half. We all want our soldiers to be treated and looked after well That so why the gap in pay of offr cadre and jawwan has narrowed down for good. So please do not spread unhealthy rumors which are not good for the great org like army/ defence services.Firstly get full info and then comment. Request to blog administrator to please monitor and do not put divisive comments on the blogs. Freedom of speech has to be respected but not at cost of someone's reputation.

    2. you yourself is proving how much aware you are about your subordinate's pay. An officer's pay may be starting at 15600/- but please tell me which soldier's pay starts at 7000/-? From Sep to Hav, the starting Basic Pay is 5200/-. And the ratio is 3 not 2.2 as you have tried to fool others.
      Take the example of Honourary commissioned officers. How their pay and status were reduced successively. Take the pay of JCO/ORs, how their pay and status were reduced by the successive pay commission. How many articles you have written so far, in favour of the PBORs?
      It's an electronic media and as a PBOR, I have every right to talk about the cause of my fellow PBORs.


  9. The much neglected class can now forget justice from the MOD.

  10. If Parrikar can explain the reason as to why there is no favorable results from MOD on OROP and the 33DL scale implementation, one can believe that he will do justice for the serving soldiers with improvements to 7CPC. Most of the time he buys time with his usual, "proverbial 'SOON' it will be done." By the by the MOD moves only on goading by the veterans or the courts, have they done on their own any good welfare measures for the serving soldiers and the veterans?

  11. Disability pension differentiation is the most glaring example of how mean the people can be while dealing with their own soldiers just because they can't retaliate

  12. @ All weeping for PBOR here...U R not soldiers..or the sympathisers of any body...U R here through a design...crooks around to create a divide in ranks and files....why dont you weep for LDCsand UDCs and all forth class employees in civil life...why dont you say that all IPS should be below constables. Idiotic logic floating around here. Why the Admin allow such cheap comments here. Its sickening to read these useless cribs....they want PM and a farmer on equal footings.....they seem to me the planted agents here.

    1. Ye kaunsa devta avtarit ho gya. Shayad sabse ghatiya adhiri rha hoga. I am following yr every comment which really hearts the soldiers. Jai hind

    2. Dev Sir
      You are absolutely right. I fully endorse your views. Hats off
      Col Vijay Kumar (Rtd)

    3. You are little harsh here. When no one talks about their issues somebody has to do it.

    4. Mr.Dev stop your in service language,there people were bound to listen whatever you say,it is even more sickening to learn that even now you use this type of language very very unbecoming of you

    5. I wonder why Admin is allowing your comments Mr. Dev! Who deployed you to talk anything against the Ex-servicemen? Better behave yourself and try to be sober in public.

  13. What is the take for pbors in such assurances is not clear or crystal. The fact is that 95 percent of the strength is neglected. Exserviceman,for months together,did not heard anything w.r.t.DL-33 or 7th pay commission. The more delay results payment to less exserviceman due to their seniority and age. God knows these decision takers can sleep peacefully due to the sacrifice of all exserviceman and serving personnel.

  14. The RM have gone back from his promise several times since the issue of OROP which was Spearheaded by Maj.Gen SatbIr Singhand hence this time it would be acid test for him specially convincing the rigid China wall in our FM Arun jaitly.

  15. Why always the problems of Officers only are exposed ? Assuming the PBOR men do not have any problem at all!
    It is really surprise!
    The MSP to all the combatant members in the defence to all the three service personal should be in equal

  16. Orders issued by forces towards payment as per 7cpc as notified by the MOD on 05sep 2016...refer Indian Express

  17. Mr Dev Pl don't use your in service language ,every body knows how good you were then

  18. What about orop second installment.when will they pay

  19. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 17, 2016 at 9:13 AM

    Please go through the report submitted by CAG in respect of habit means food taken by the soldiers, it has been declared low quality and undernourished food is being issued to the soldiers how will they fight with the low quality food it needs improvement

    second thing, ECHS is registered under societies act where by all are member under one symbol that is ex defense personnel, no preferential treatment given to some category if any one wants I can give delhi high court judgement in this regard

    thirdly restoration of commuted value to the basic pension after the gap of 15 years retirement, boon is given by the supreme court

    we want MSP and hardship allowances under article 12 and 14 equal to all

    remaining privilege and concessions are given to officers by virtue of being officers, we are none to question it , always in society division is acceptable as such in army also, to maintain the effective control other wise system go astray

  20. I agree with Mr Karunakaran....give MSP to all ranks at one rate and no officr worth his salt will not be happy to see his jawan getting good salary and allowances. But some disgrynttled elements in disguise are creating a hatred for officers which is what is stupid. Officers dont decide salaries or perks niether for self or their command...Salaries are decided by the Govt for all employes as per understanding of each grade and rank and thus taking out frustrations on own officers is uncalled for. I have not heard ever an LDC or UDC talking ill of his IAS officer in spite of the fact that they too draw allowances as per their basics....similarly no BSF,CRPF or Police jawan ever heard talking ill of his officers. This is a strange thing happening which is not good.

  21. dear RMsir you dint mention any thing about pensioners, are we not supposed to get vii cpc pension ,why are you delaying in issuing the notification for the same,when in service we were not given leave for festivals like diwali to celebrate with our family , now after retirement you are not paying our dues t for the same ,why is this harrassment ,we are also humans