Wednesday, September 28, 2016



1. *1948* When Indian army was chasing pakistan intruders on the back run and confident of pushing them beyond whole of J&K, Nehru ordered cease fire. Result- POK and perpetual trouble in Kashmir.

2. *1962* Nehru pushed the ill prepared and ill equipped military in winters to war with China and to a most humiliating defeat. Advised by his Def Min Krishna Menon berated the military leading to the resignation of the India’s greatest soldier - General Thimayya. 

3. *1965* Sashtri - a novice in international affairs and ill-advised by Babus gave back Hazipir Pass of great strategic importance to Pak which was won after a great battle and sacrifices of many Indian Soldiers. 

4. *1971* Indira ill advised by fellow Kashmiri PN Haksar frittered a great military victory and made it in to a Political and Diplomatic Defeat. Bhutto was ready to sign on any instrument of negotiation on Pakistan's illegitimate claims on Kashmir to get home his 93000 war prisoners.

As a reward to the military for the great victory, she brought down the pensions of soldiers from 70% to 50%(virtualy 33pc) and raised the pensions of civilians from 30 % to 50%. As also, Deprived India’s most genius soldier General Bhagat the Army Chiefs post. 

5 *1984* Upgraded the Pay of Cabinet Secretary to the level of the Service Chiefs. And thereafter very surreptitiously the Babus put Cabinet Secretary ahead of the Chiefs in warrant of Precedence.

6. *1987* Rajeev Gandhi misguided by the Babus, sent the Military to Sri lanka for the so called peace keeping mission *'OP PAWAN'* and got home 1100 body bags of martyred Indian Soldiers. Rubbing salt to the wounds, Karunanidhi refused to welcome the IPKF at Chennai when it returned from Sri lanka because IPKF killed Tamil militants and terrorists in Sri lanka. 

7. *1998* Vajpayee so dependent on wily Brajesh Mishra, humiliated the military by sacking the Upright Naval Chief for his principled stand against the political interference by the Akalis promoting some one of their clan in higher naval postings.
The following year the Nation and the Military paid a heavy price due to ignoring the advice of military, Vajpayee going to Lahore when the Kargil heights were surreptitiously being occupied by Pakistan army. 600 soldiers had to die to reclaim these posts. 

7. *2012* Chidambaram the clever Home Minster of Non effective Manmohan Singh, in league with a section of the media tried to defame the military with a planted story of an attempted Army coup just to settle scores with General VK Singh. They raised aspersions on the very patriotism of Indian Military and its commitment to our cherished democracy.

8. *2015-16* Modi ill advised by Jaitley (blaming ex servicemen for his Amritsar defeat) through 7th CPC completed the unfinished grand design of the political and bureaucratic class to totally degrade and demoralise the military.

*The nation should know and be rest assured that while the politicians and the bureaucrats betrayed and failed the Military, the Military will NEVER fail their nation come what may.*

(Source- Via Gp e-mail from Chander Prakash Vet)


  1. CPMfs will be at par with Defence forces as announced yesterday by Rajnath Singh. So make a choice dears. I dont thing any body bothers about your concerns. People who matter are silant and rest have left it to fate. Our problem ...our weakness. Why blame the whole world. Unfortunate but very true. Lump it!

  2. Writing all these stories won't make any difference to the political and bureaucratic VVIPs. Show some concrete action. Everybody can see the example what is happening in the neighboring nation.

    If the writings and opinions expressed in various media including social ones, by men “IN” and “OUT” of uniform is any pointer, the correct inference arising out of such would be, that there is a great amount of despair, disenchantment and discontentment in our fighting forces.
    These cannot be termed as emotional outpouring by some individuals of no consequences nor the disappointment arising out of non implementation of some legitimate demand of the Defence personnel. The root is deeper and involves more grave issues.
    There was a time in India when men in uniform were accorded highest esteem. The C in C was designated 2nd in warrant of precedence, next to the Viceroy, the representative of the sovereign. Of course, system of our government changed from Monarchial to democracy and the office of Viceroy naturally got replaced with that of President of the Republic and the whole warrant of precedence underwent thorough change. Status of Chiefs of 3 wings of defence got relegated to 12th position below that of Attorney General/Cabinet Secretary. To give back them the appropriate status they must be elevated to 7th place (central cabinet Ministers) along with 7A which is Bharat Ratna Awardees. Chiefs may be reassigned the position as 7A and BR awardees 7B. Let us imagine a ceremonial situation where Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, Bharat Ratna, also a Hon. Group Captain of Air Force, is an invitee along with Chiefs of Services and Five Star Generals, Marshal of Air Force or Equivalent in other two wings how embarrassing it would be to place them below Sachin?
    Elevating them to the higher status as mentioned earlier will help restore some lost importance to the position. The responsibility of the defence is much greater than secretaries and Lt Governors. The very existence of the nation is dependent on the loyalty and efficiency of the fighting forces and in that context it is only deserving that warrant commensurate with responsibility is assigned to them.
    No one will disagree that the status of Defence is systematically downgraded over the period. There are over 400 officers of Lt.Gen. Rank officers in police as against 80 or a little more in military. A IPS probationer after a period of about 2 years is granted the status of Lt.Col who has to put up more than 12 years of service to get that rank. The 7 CPC has further placed the defence below even forest service. The result is the present widespread frustration in the rank and file of the forces.
    Adding insult to injury is the apathetic attitude adopted by the Babus of MoD to genuine grievances of the veterans below officers level which constitute the majority of ex servicemen community. For example even court orders granting relief and monetary benefits to them remain unexecuted. Dilution of OROP is one such issue and Delinking of 33 years service for full pension remains unresolved even 6 months after it was effected to civilians in defence service !!. There is no justification for these neglect. Dissatisfaction among veterans has a direct bearing to the similar feeling among serving personnel because most men in uniform are 2nd or 3rd generation descendants of veterans
    In the Military History of the world there had never been instances of former and serving Chiefs of Services writing and complaining to the Government about the ill treatment meted out to defence services. If the plethora of articles from retired top brasses like VCOAS , G o C and down to sepoys do not wake the Babus up to the reality and make them act on war footing to resurrect the military to its lost pride and self respect it may be too late to do anything and the whole responsibility will lie with them. The urgency of action takes more serious proportion especially in the context of heightened security threat to the nation and warmongering in the neighboring country.
    A demoralized military is a defeated military, even before the war begins.