Monday, September 5, 2016


Dear Ex-Servicemen Brothers,
I have received several complaints from our esteemed defence pensioners, family pensioners, disability pensioners etc., stating that their pensions were not revised on 7th CPC recommendations in the month of August, 2016 as expected but only the old OROP (as per cir No 555 dt 4th February, 2016) pension has been credited.
Secondly, I had been also complained that the 2nd Installment of OROP not been credited so far, whereas a few of our brothers reported that they got the 2nd installment, and also some DPDOs are paying it. In this regard, I want to clarify that the 1st installment of OROP had been paid in the month of March and the next 2nd installment will be paid in the month of September positively.
Coming to the point of implementation of 7th CPC Recommendations/Report, as per my observation, Revision of pension will be @ 2.57 of the present basic pension but it is not yet finalized. On the contrary, as per the strong and influenced Central Civil Employees Trade Unions are pressurizing the Committee of Secretaries (govt) for applying @ 2.86 – 3.16 as fitment formula to revise minimum salary of Central Govt Employees which is still pending with them.
Thirdly, finalizing the 7th CPC Recommendations in our case is a bit complicated one because the OROP is unresolved issue till date. The one-man Judicial Commission inquiry ends in the month of September 2016, as its last sitting at Hyderabad on 29th September and its duration has been extended till the month of December, 2016. Finalizing the 7th CPC is also not easy, as finalization of OROP is intervened which is the main reason, besides other reasons of anomalies taken place in the original draft. Moreover, the issue of OROP has been pending in the Apex Court subjudice, the matter was posted to 5th September for Affidavit by Union Govt. I personally feel that unless the issue of OROP is resolved finally and issued Orders/Circulars, than only the issue of 7th CPC can be taken up the Govt. On the contrary, the issue of OROP is not concerned to the Central civilian employees; accordingly, their matter has been settled. Still they are not satisfied whatever the bonanza they had been gifted. (VOTE-BANK).
Fourthly, payment of 2nd installment of OROP the 6 months schedule is nothing to do with the settlement of 7th CPC, it will be credited positively within the period as notified. 
It is come to my notice from varied information that the serving personnel also did not get the 7th CPC Revised salaries along with the August Salary, somebody says that they got it with dissatisfaction.


(New Delhi: Bringing cheers for India's armed forces, the Union Cabinet on Wednesday more than doubled their salary by adhering to the recommendations made by the 7th Pay Commission).

In the above matter, there are several factors had been posted over here and there to implement/apply to decide revision/enhancement of pension apparent of the 7th CPC recommendations that some of them are:
(a). as already stated that to apply the factor of 2.57 i.e. your present basic pension as per OROP revised (may be after one-man Judicial Commission Report or/and the Supreme Court Order). It seems that the Ministry of Finance has accepted this formula. The second one is (b). your last drawn pay while in service + subsequent accordance of weightage of service + 7th CPC. Of course, this suggestion is under scrutiny by Min of Def and Min of Fin. According the derivation of the 2nd one is most beneficial to than the former one. The difference calculated @ 20% variation between the two.

Several, Exm Organizations, individual Exms and Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air force, especially from Officers cadre are representing to the Govt.
The officers are mainly concerned with and vociferously demanding to facilitate them as under:

(1). facilities like cars, housing, sanctions for air travel depend upon the basic pay. (NOT RANK?)
(2). non-acceptance of the demand for non-functional upgrade (NFU). After the last 6th pay commission, the govt allowed “non-functional scale up gradation” and allowed Group-A officers to get the same scale as a Joint Secretary, but after 24 years of service.

Strangely, the armed forces neither are classified as group “A” services nor are they termed as “Central services” like the IAS or the IPS and did not get NFU. Now, with others getting NFU the gap is widened.

(3).higher MSP forJCOs. The 7th CPC has clubbed the MSP of JCOs and jawans at Rs 5,200. The demand is to have it at Rs 10,000 for the JCOs. The MSP for officers between Lieutenant-rank and Brigadier-rank is common at Rs 15,500.

(4). the main issue is lowering of disability pension. As per the new formula, accepted by the 7th CPC, soldiers/officers with 100 per cent disability will see their pensions reduced from the current levels. However, in case of the disabled of other services their perquisites will rise.

In March this year, the MoD had conveyed to an empowered committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary that the status, pay and allowances of the armed forces be kept above all other “fighting” arms of the govt. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had also taken up the case that issues of status, pay and allowances for the forces have to be paramount.

In the scenario of the above in nutshell, We have to wait and see what the Govt will approve finally.


(Source- From Facebook post)


  1. Sir, Read the narrative. You know I am neither a beaurocrat nor an idiot. Have reasons to doubt the originator

  2. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 6, 2016 at 9:07 AM

    In the recommendations by the officers community only JCOs are eligible for enhancement of MSP what about other ranks why this step motherly treatment is met out to OR, maximum time OR spends his time in border he deserves MSP equal to officers,

    let the full fledged matter come out, we will take the matter to the court under article 12 and 14, definitely we will win the case, yet another hardship allowances OR are exposed to enemy bullet and natural calamity they are apt to receive rs 40000 pm , let us take the matter to the court and people and it should be circulated in the social media so that people come to know how a soldier is being harassed in the hands of high ups

    first country second the men who work under you and lastly welfare of the officers here the case reverse

  3. I find these comments of hav retd karunakaran too communist.In that case as per his definition An SP and a police jawan..a chief secy and an LDC should get the same salary and allowances.Prime Minister should fly in ordinary public aircrafts and all should be equal.Not a sensible conclusion. Such comments which are averse to the good Discipline and ethos of defence forces must be discouraged. How many bullets this Hav karunakaran got in his body?

    1. do you want see my bullet injury, I can show to you, as per the status and position, it is their privilege to fly , no where I am equating our allowances and perks at par with officers. nor it is my duty to commend on them, simply I putting my point for the approval and sanction before government. you are not the government to disallow or turn down my point it is freedom of speech and expression of thought even supreme court allows, I think you are not in service to command me

  4. After retirement ; some NCOs start writing such insesible words ....the one who never served as a true 'soldier' can only write such naxal language..... pity on him ..... He can think so ... alas !!!!

    1. Truth is always bitter MR.KVR Pillai.Swallow it but you may not be able to digest it

  5. I donot think subordinates are harassed. Junior remains junior. It is applicabe to all ranks. Let us accept and honour it.

  6. MSP should be equal to all military personnel. Rest of the allowance is to be given as per the rank. The only thing is common to all is the hardship the combatant faces in military. I vehemently disagree with Mr dev on the comment about how many bullet one got while defending our nation. Every combatants knew in their hearts that they had to commit supreme sacrifice to our country as and when required. We are all ready to die for the honour of our country. Thats why we are not called civilians and military personnel. Enemy bullet and shell dont know the difference of rank and treat us all enemy in the war front. This is a stark reality hence this MSP should be common to all military personnel. Is there any difference in ration allowance. Rest of the pay and perks should be as per the hierarchy.

  7. Hav is talking for MSP which is a compensation for military hardship.It is well known fact that Officers have luxirious life in armrd forces.

  8. @ Manoj...irrespective of your take..i am more than convinced about what i wrote in my first comment. Re read it to understand it in right perspective. All can not be equal..nothing will work on this earth then.even God has not every thing equal.Officers have larger responsibilities which people like u can never understand...u equate every thing in money. Brains rule the world ..remeber the quote of Abraham Lincoln.

    1. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 7, 2016 at 9:41 AM

      we other ranks talk about certain element like MSP and hardship allowances, we are not equating officers with pay and allowances, already they are getting more in their salary so they deserve, not jealousy minded. when wind blows in the border it embraces equally all giving bodily ailment, nature does not discriminate why we human being discriminate the other rank as we are untouchables. remaining allowances let them get as per their status and position. we other ranks are having no responsibilities, once in my 20 years service my company commander and senior JCOs were away from unit, we conducted the major event without any remark, even the brigadier who inspected commended our job and awarded us
      certain very good officers under whom I served and derived knowledge in drafting the letter and how to deal the crisis
      some time my officers accepted my advice and followed it
      finally all brothers of one cell that is ex army personnel

    2. @Dev, please don't say that officers are the only persons having brain all 'others' are brainless in defence forces!! Sreeman, they are not asking to reduce the previlages of officers! Requesting for equal compensations for risking their lives!! Hope officers won't go to heaven in special chartered flights after death when Javans waiting for 3 class tickets in passenger trains!! JaiHind!!

  9. Sir, Today G Notification in respect of Officers and MNS issued.

  10. One crucial thing is missed here. Death is a death in line of duty whether officer or soldier. This is the maximum risk any man can take on this planet earth in line of duty. Compensation for risk of death has nothing to do with a rank. If a death occurs to a man in line of duty, he should be compensated which should not depend on the rank he held. Any allowances which are directly related to the risk of death in line of duty should be equal for all ranks. Death of an officer is no superior than death of a soldier especially in line of duty. Death has no hierarchy.

    Let us differentiate between pay & allowances for the rank held and compensary allowance for risking the life.

    An officer can be paid more pay & allowances for the rank he holds. Similarly a soldier is paid less pay and allowances for the lower rank he holds.

    When it comes to risk of death, the compensations such as MSP (Military Service Pay) should not differ between officer and soldier because death is death for every one and it is supreme sacrifice in line of duty.

  11. Here I do not want to go in tutu meme. I only want to say that the criteria of selection for the military job is more difficult then the criteria of selection for the civil job. Then after, when a civilian retires, at that time he/she is completely free of all his/her burdens. But when a military personal retires and suddenly start getting half of his salary as his pension, at that time he has the heaviest burden of his family, like higher education and marriage of his children. Just think, what will be the label of difficulty that Ex military person has to face!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Require a Justification.

  12. Here I do not want to go in tutu meme. I only want to say that the criteria of selection for the military job is more difficult then the criteria of selection for the civil job. Then after, when a civilian retires, at that time he/she is completely free of all his/her burdens. But when a military personal retires and suddenly start getting half of his salary as his pension, at that time he has the heaviest burden of his family, like higher education and marriage of his children. Just think, what will be the label of difficulty that Ex military person has to face!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Require a Justification.

  13. As per the second para of the editorial, 2nd installment of OROP arrears should have been paid by September positively. Now we are at the end of December and I haven't received the second installment as yet. There may be many more like me. What could be the reason?