Sunday, September 4, 2016

Overweight personnel 'public embarrassment' - Army : But silent on it's personnel yet to get VII CPC new Pay and Pensions

This article is not a case of investigative journalism. 

It should not have found its way into the press/media. 

It has been planted with an ulterior motive – probably a handout from the PRO Army at the behest of the COAS or the babus in the aftermath of the adverse comments in the wake of the 7CPC or to justify the 7CPC recommendations. 

If it is the COAS, he has done immense harm to a fine service, just to score brownie points. 

He may be physically fit himself but he has fat cells elsewhere.

Now seniority and weight (or BMI) will make the next Army chief. 

In any case you are going to have an aging service since there is no PMR – everyone will superannuate. 

Since supersession is not a way out, obesity may be. 

The majority of the Army personnel are fighting fit – so it is unfair to paint everyone with the same BRUSH.



(Source- via gp e-mail from Posted by: Carl Gomes Vet)


  1. Generals of Indian Army can never ever think beyond changing the colour of lanyards, some weird changes in dress, height, weight and colur of skin. They remain same or at best deteriorate from the level of understanding and thinking of an NDA Cadets or Sainik School boys.

  2. The article, whoever has got that published, has ulterior motives. Soldier's fitness with the exception of genuinely sick is the envy of average shameless Babu who can only dream of being as fit as an average soldier. Even an average ESM is more fit than an average Babu of identical age.

  3. He is spitting into the sky over his head.
    One can not stoop and fall to such a low
    level to achieve his personal motive.
    All these chaos show that some untoward
    incidence will happen for which they will repent
    waiting to fall on the thing will

  4. Discouraging armed forces overweight is world wide cornering not fair where is 7cpc payment order and answer for all disparity

  5. The photograph displayed in the post appears to be as Lt Gen.

  6. This Gen needs to be educated as to how his army is functioning with so much deficiency in his forces in officers and ranks. Because of deficiency in manpower every one is given charges of two to five appointments. How can a person who does the job of two, three, four or five personnel can go for run like him every morning. How can an officer who burns midnight oil every day can keep himself fit physically. This General does not have job which occupies him as an army officer, that is why he goes for 10 km run. How can he think about those officers who have been given job of five officers to go for run every morning. This General seems to be a free man without job and tension. Let him wake up and think about his army as to how the army is functioning in hardships. An officer who without facing any difficulties in life rises to Chief never thinks about others. This General thinks that no one has got work in army and every one is enjoying morning walks like him. Today this general put a very bad example about his own army. An unfit General.

    September 4, 2016 at 7:34 PM

  7. Once I commented about the facility the chiefs are bestowed with.That is the unlimited---- ----a.But it was not published.So I did not put in exactly in the dashed line once again.If he is honest to himself , then he should explain to us despite his unlimited enjoyment how he could walk 10 kms.There is a saying "a jobless----- ----- ---- -----.You can fill up the lines what ever you feel like

  8. Buttering also has some limit,General Saab!
    I wish all officers and jawans to have fat bellies so that they also will have pay and perks like our police force and politicians.That is a symbol to say they deserve more pay and perks.SAMAJ mei aayaa na General saab?

  9. During war(if any) he would sit down in operations room.He does not need an exercise of 10kms walking everyday.Hum ko ullu math banao?

  10. Very suitable reply from ColMS Raju Sir,let the General respond.

  11. Instead, there should be an examination in Essay Writing, Public Speaking, General Knowledge, Comprehension Test and Military Appreciation Test every quarter for all officers . I am sure even at their stage, many generals will flunk the tests ... including the COAS !!!!

    It is now the personal background which is coming to the fore. A Freudian paradox ....

  12. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 5, 2016 at 9:16 AM

    There is one adage in tamil "ennamatha raja panni vettaki ponnaram" means a king who does not need to work for his livelihood because he is having everything in handy he spends his official time just by hunting pigs in the forest

    if the article is true, I am challenging the general officer Is he ready to take part in running competition with me I am ready and I am 65

  13. what is to be done for reducing salary bill exept work with obesity/personality/experiance/professional knowledge etc when already said to be shortage of man power.