Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Army Welfare Fund That You Might Think is a Hoax, But Isn’t - By Hansa Malhotra

Many of you might receive the following text or WhatsApp message and think it’s a hoax. Except, it isn’t.
Pay only Rs 1 per day (Rupee one only). Like never before, the Modi government has started a new scheme exclusively for the Indian Army Battle Casualties and Weapon Purchase. The government has opened a bank account where people can donate funds directly to the Army Welfare Account which will be used for purchasing weapons for the Indian Army and providing facilities for war casualties. People had suggested to the government to open a bank account to collect funds exclusively for battle casualties and purchasing weapons for the army, the Modi government has accepted the suggestion and opened an account in Syndicate Bank, New Delhi for the same. 
The above is only a part of the message, one that further goes on to give bank details where a person can deposit money for this scheme.
The most immediate psychological response to something like this would be thinking that it’s a racket of some sort. However, the Indian Army on Tuesday took to Twitter to put out a clarification:

As is clear from the army’s clarification, the text message is not a hoax, but it’s also not entirely true.
While the text says the money received will fund weapons for the Indian army and facilities for the war casualties, the army’s clarifications explains that it will be used for financial assistance to widows of battle casualties, their next of kins and dependents.

Anup Sinha, retired colonel and director of the fund’s accounts section also put out a notice explaining the rationale and motive behind the scheme:
Syndicate bank, too, issued an official statement on the its involvement with the fund on its website.

The Army’s National Defence Fund

The Indian Army also has something called the National Defence Fund. Set up in 1962, the fund is used for the welfare of the members of the Armed Forces (including Para Military Forces) and their dependents, according to the website
According to the website, the fund is “entirely dependent on voluntary contributions from the public and does not get any budgetary support.” 




  1. Existence of National Defence Fund has not been widely advertised and is generally known to sr citizens who were in schools / colleges in the sixties. I remember collecting small contributions from neighbourhood during the 1965 war in the name of NDF and sending that through the school. Organisations / individuals should be periodically made aware of the fund and its objectives as there are many Indians who would volunteer to contribute to such a noble cause. Unless the objectives of this NDF doesn't cover those of the new fund which too appears to be without any budgetary support from the centre, it doesn't seem correct to float yet another fund only to confuse the genuine philanthropist.

  2. Why duplication when National Defence Fund serves the purpose? Still we doubt the intentions unless it is officially published by the MOD.

  3. "The government has opened a bank account where people can donate funds directly to the Army Welfare Account which will be used for purchasing weapons for the Indian Army and providing facilities for war casualties"

    I am fine with contributing for our Army welfare fund for battle casualties. But contributions for purchase of weapons sounds ridiculous to me. May be I am missing something here.

  4. Cam MOD give account of Flag Day Funds right from beginning that how much money was received & how much under what heads have been used til date to know how much fund was used for the purpose it was meant for& hoe much for other purposes it was not meant for.?

  5. While Government collects taxes from public and makes budgetary allocation for purchase of defence weapons, it sounds ridiculous that a new account is opened in the name of battle casualties to fund weapon purchase as if the scams and other misdeeds while purchasing weapons from budgetary allocation was not enough. or perhaps a way to avoid CAG scrutiny. As a TAX payer, I have my own reservation on the whole idea. For purchasing weapons if funds are short, defence allocation can be increased and non plan expenditure reduced.

  6. Is NaMo & Parikhar running cash strapped insurgency group. Having a SB a/c to facilitate donation from philanthropists to support battle casualties is Ok. but purchasing weapons ????.. Actually it was not mentioned in the letter originated by acct sec, AG's branch (ceremonial & welfare dte).

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