Monday, September 5, 2016


(Source- Via Gp E-mail from  COL YC MEHRA (Retd)


  1. Also:

    Decency level:Of population

    1947- almost 95%
    2016- hardly 20%

    Honesty level:
    1947- almost 99 %
    2016- hardly 10%

    Political properity:
    1947- almost 90%
    2016- hardly 5%

    Police control and izzat:
    1947- one constable was enough to control a village
    2016: 10 companys of police required to control a dharna gone out of control

    Social fabric:
    1947- excellent
    2016- society divided on cast & creed lines

    Travel and communication:
    1947- very poor
    2016- excellent

  2. I agree with almost every thing Mr Gandhi says and other comments.
    But please dont glorify our past.In the past we are called third world countries and a beggar nation who goes into begging spree in front of World bank, imf and other developed nations. Even in 1990 we had to pledge our gold for sustainance. Now in 2016 we are the fourth biggest economy and considered to be super power in the coming years. We stopped begging long back and now we are giving loans to poor nations. We told Britain that we dont need their peanuts. In almost every sphere we are showing our strong presence to the world.
    In past 70 years if any one tells that we were a failed nation blindly,Tell them to open their eyes and see the stats.