Monday, September 5, 2016

“Liberate” Balochistan NOW! - Maj Uday Sathe VrC

This something very interesting to know for ALL Maharashtrians as well as ALL INDIAN who would like to "LIBERATE" Baluchistan!
Jinnah gave us two nation theory, so we split Pakistan in two and gave them Pakistan and Bangla DESH. 
Now we must give them THREE Nation Theory and split (remaining Pakistan) further into TWO, and give them a THREE Nation Theory!
Some interesting facts about Maratha's-
Baluchistan is recently in news due to PM mentioning in his 15th Aug speech.

You will be surprised to know that out of total 1.31 crores population of this province around 20 lac populations is of Marathi descendants. This province was forcefully merged with Pakistan in 1948. Since then there were 4 major revolts for independence in Balochistan. 

There were led by people of Marathi descendants. How these people of Marathi descendants went and settled in Baluchistan?

In the third battle of Panipat, Maratha's were defeated. It is estimated that around fifty to seventy five thousand soldiers of Pune's Peshwa's were imprisoned and taken to Balochistan which was part of Afghanistan as slaves.

These people are even today known by following names -

1. Peshwani Maratha (relatives of Peshwas who were captured. It was assumed that one of the brother of then Peshwa was also captured and taken to Baluchistan)

2. Bugti Maratha
3. Kalpar Maratha
4. Nothani Maratha
5. Shambani Maratha
6. Mosani Maratha
7. Shau Maratha

There are 20 such castes which ends with Maratha. They are linked to caste system of then Maharashtra.

People of these caste even today call their mother as “Aaai” (what Maharashtrians call their mother) and not Ammijan. They worship Shivaji Maharajah and Peshwas even today.

Whenever reference of Maratha or slogan like “Har Har Mahadev”, or like are heard in Bollywood movies they stand and give such slogans.

Considering above, the development in Balochistan would be interesting to watch and observe as they are related to our own people who are leading the battle.

The above information can be verified based on around 20 books written by eminent historians in Marathi.

It is HIGH Time we "liberate" Baluchistan next year like we liberated Bangladesh in 1971!

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Your sincerely,

Uday Sathe

The Happiest Man from  the Happiest City of India

(Source- Sainik Darpan)


  1. karunakaran a ex havildarSeptember 5, 2016 at 1:47 PM

    very thankful to uday,

    you have dug out the bottom of the history and have brought out to limelight

  2. Let pakistan be part of India..that will be much better.

  3. Mr DEV look around India's border.Do India have any friendly